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Dec 5, 2011 06:32 AM

Duck Magret & Confit in Vancouver or the Tri-Cities

I am desperately seeking frozen Duck Magret and Duck Leg Confit (not too salty) to buy - about a dozen of each. Where in the Tri-Cities (Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam), Vancouver, or, if I must, Richmond would I be able to find good quality and not too salty confit!??

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  1. Food on the brain:

    I am in Edmonton, so definitely not the Tri-Cities [I usually associate that term with the Yakima Valley] but when I have a hankering for either, I go to my local Save-On-Foods.

    From time to time, they have the Brome Lake, Quebec brand of frozen confit as well as magret. They are also supposed to have their sausage and Duck Pot Pie but I have yet to actually see them in the store.

    If they stock them in Alberta, perhaps BC as well

    1. Hill's foods can set you up with both

      Also, Oyama in Granville Island makes a very nice Duck leg confit, but it is on the salty side.
      Not sure if they have Magret (Moulard) duck as well, but Tenderland sells Muscovy duck breasts that can be a substitute. Jackson's Poultry in GI may have either/both, but I don't know for sure.

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      1. re: kinnickinnik

        Thanks kinnickinnik! I will chec them out. Bob, I checked Save On this weekend - they only have the Brome Lake, and no confit right now. :-(

        I am hear from the islands (Caribbean) and needing to stock up before I go home :-)


        1. re: Food on the brain

          to get a great foie gras or duck breast check out continental importers in Vancouver, they have an amazing offering or would be able to tell you where to go if they are not able!

      2. I haven't tried it yet but I did notice this weekend that the Gourmet Warehouse on East Hastings as Duck Confit and Magret in their refrigerated case as the back. Might be closer to you than treking out to Granville Island.

        1. Hills will def. be the closest; they are in PoCo. If you want a dozen confit legs, maybe it would be terribly inconvenient to make your own? One pan, low oven...
          T&T would likely have duck leg.

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          1. re: KarenDW

            Thank you all! Tomorrow and the day after are my days to go shopping - I will definitely try Hills - they look like they have lots of yummies. I will also check out T&T for the legs. If I can find them, I much prefer to confit them myself, as I have a LOT of rendered duck fat. I just can rarely find legs only. Heading to Gourmet Warehouse over the next 2 days as well, so will see what they have.

            1. re: Food on the brain

              Hills was perfect! Thanks Karen. Little more expensive than I pay for the ones I get from Miami, but I am not in Miami! :-) I didn't even bother to get the confit legs - just the reg. legs that I can confit myself. Great find!

              Thanks all