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Dec 5, 2011 05:25 AM

restaurant for lunch near Omni Hotel New Haven

does ;anyone have any suggestions for lunch? Have to attend a seminar this week and no lunch is being provided. I don't know New Haven that well. I would like to go to Wooster Street but doubt it is in walkingidstance

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  1. when I stayed at the Omni during the summer of 2010, I ate at Thali a really nice Indian restaurant that's about a five minute walk away. Should be prior chowhound posts on the place, that's how I found it.

    Website is here:

    1. Barcelona is in the Omni Hotel. Very good tapas, etc. Wooster Street is only 1/2 mile away if you were interested in places there.

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        Barcelona is at the same one that is in other towns in Fairfield County. I would not mind that one if is the same. I was thinking the hotel would have their own typiclal restaurant.

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            We've eaten at this Barcelona many is better than the Fairfield one, on par with the SoNo one...I've heard that the Stamford one is really good but we haven't been there.

        1. Bentara is 2 blocks away and is one of the premier Malaysian restaurants in the country,
          Bar is also 2 blocks away for great New Haven Pizza, equal to Wooster St..
          Oaxaca also on the next block for delicious Mexican.

          76 Orange Street, New Haven, CT 06510

          1. Thanks for your responses. We did not see Barcelona in the hotel. Did not have alot of time to look for a place to eat. Just saw there was a Davenport Restaurant on the top floor. We ended up at the Temple Grill right across the street from the hotel. Nothing spectacular but we have a short lunch break.

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              Wow...that's too bad, it's not actually IN the hotel, just right outside the front door to the left if you are facing the street. Sorry for not being clear on that...

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                No problem. This seminar gave us such a short time for lunch.