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Dec 5, 2011 01:04 AM

New Hot Pot Place on Anderson

Was eating at Chen's Noodle House this eve and found out that he is behind the place going in next to the new bowling ally and chipotle off anderson- chen z hotpot and noodle bar. More good news for the hood.

Also hear that hopdoddy is going in to the corner space that half a block down where souper salads was. And it looks like construction is underway at the new blacksheep lodge down burnet across from ginnys...

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  1. The place Hopdaddy is taking was built/remodeled to be a high-end Indian place, but apparently got to the end and fizzled.

    I'm terribly excited about Blacksheep if that's true. We actaully make the trek down to the South Lamar one often and it'll be nice to have one so much closer.

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      1. Big score for the hood!

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          1. Where on Burnet is this Black Sheep Lodge going? We live right around the corner and haven't seen anything. Is it the Nelson Puett real estate building? Or further north near Uptown Modern? We'd be very excited to get more info!

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              I don't see any Building permit applications for this. The only thing that I see active is "Austin Cake Ball" applying for the 5303 space under the new apartment complex. I scanned Nelson Puett for activity - nothing is going on there. That real estate is still for sale. I don't really see anything construction-wise, other than all the new sidewalks that we're getting. ithereforeiam, please let us know what you know so we'll know!