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Dec 5, 2011 12:20 AM

Coffee refills

I just saw a US credit card commercial in which the server walks around a restaurant asking people if they want coffee refills, but doesn't mention that they will be charged for them.

Is it common or becoming more common not to offer free refills on coffee in the US ? How many people ask or check the menu verbiage about the charge on coffee refills ?

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  1. <Is it common or becoming more common not to offer free refills on coffee in the US ? >

    I think it's exactly as common as it's always been, which is to say not very common. A place where a server walks around from table to table with a coffee pot is offering free refills. There may be exceptions, but I've never encountered one. I haven't seen the commercial you refer to, but it is likely presenting this kind of situation as beyond the pale.

    1. I have never been to a "sit down" restaurant where I was charged for a coffee refill.

      1. I've seen some places that have a sign posted that tells the price of refills. But, it is very uncommon.
        The commercial is making a point about hidden charges on the credit card, like one would NOT expect to pay for a refill sort of message, one would not expect some of these charges on their credit card bill.

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          Of course, you're right. I guess I found the first part so odd, I drifted off mentally on what the point of the commercial was.

        2. I would not consider this typical even within fine dining.

          1. not sure what the comment should be.
            some places offer refills but for instance don't expect a coffee refill in Hawaii if you're having breakfast at a restaurant other than maybe IHOP or "ennys"..........fill in first letter

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              Huh? They give free refills at all sit down places usually.