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Dec 5, 2011 12:11 AM

For Apricot Lovers --

I saw this recipe for an apricot-ginger-pine nut breakfast bread, and I thought it would offer a nice alternative to some of the typical winter seasonal flavors.

If you love apricots, I'd love for you to share your favorite recipes -- sweet, not-so-sweet and savory.

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  1. sounds like a nice flavor combo. Lemon or mandarin flavored olive oil might be nice too; I'd be tempted to add some chopped candied ginger. thanks for posting this!

    My mom made out of this world apricot tarts at the holidays using pie dough, stewed dried apricots (with a few chopped pits for flavor) and some meyer lemon juice to brighten. These were SO good!

    1. I made an apricot, crystalized ginger & thyme conserve this summer. Delicious! Chunky consistency with bits of chopped candied ginger throughout. Great on an english muffin:)

      I will look for the recipe and get back to you.

      1. I love this Caramel Apricot Sauce:

        and if you use 1 cup of water instead of 4, you have an awesome caramel apricot butter.

        1. Earlier this year, I made these wonderful apricot-orange shortbread bars after a CH poster recommended them:

          They're made with preserves, not fresh or dried apricots, and an almond crumble topping. Super delicious, and apricots and almonds are such a perfect pairing.

          Also a liqueur made from dried apricots is divine poured over vanilla ice cream, among other things. It has really great apricot flavor. Recipe's in this post:

          1. sweet or savory, apricot makes me happy :) some good ones...



            also love 'em in granola, muffins, biscotti, oatmeal bars & clafoutis. and some of my favorite flavors to pair with them are cardamom, pistachio, ginger, cinnamon, anise, coconut, chocolate, balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar, meyer lemon & black pepper.