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Dec 4, 2011 10:55 PM

Best Corn Dog?

We're looking for the best corn dog in Las Vegas. Turkey dogs and their ilk need not apply. Hand dipped, golden brown, crunchy batter over a dog that's good to start with. Extra points for corn-brats.


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  1. Does it have to be upscale? There's a Hot Dog On A Stick in the food court at Fashion Show Mall (across the street from TI & Wynn). However, I vaguely recall that some of the pubs may have corn dogs on their menus.

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    1. re: That Don Guy

      Thanks, but although those might be on a stick, that's where the similarity ends. It doesn't have to be upscale at all, in fact I prefer it not to be, but HDOAS serves turkey dogs, which is a dealkiller for me. I did hear that English's P.U.B. at Crystals has mini ones, but I haven't made it there to try them yet.

      1. re: Steve Green

        So, no corn dogs other than Hot Dog on a Stick (and the minis at P.U.B.)? The search continues.....