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Dec 4, 2011 07:06 PM

Solo diner looking for company at Spring & Chez L'Ami Jean


I have reservations for lunch at Spring on Friday (Dec 9th) and dinner at Chez L'Ami Jean on Saturday (Dec 10th). I'm looking forward to spending the weekend in Paris soaking up the beauty--on museum walls, in concert halls, and on streets dressed in their Christmas finery. It would be so much nicer to share a meal than to eat alone, so if you'd be interested in joining me I'd love the company! You can email me at

  1. Sorry, will be out of Paris that weekend, maybe next time.

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    1. Forever Paris - have your found meal companion's yet? My BF Jean Francois is headed home to Paris tomorrow for December holidays, and is a big foodie...

      He is not a chowhound, as leaves that to me, but I was hoping to get him to either or both of these Resto's while he is there. He is a whip smart guy, and knows lots about wine. I think he could be a charming addition to either of your meals, or maybe he can take you for a walk around somewhere and show you some inside scoop as he is a native Parisienne..

      I have several posts on the France board, as well as others about travels, meals, opinions of ours up here, if you want to check my profile:)

      Let me know. You can email me too at

      1. Chowhounds, this is why we love this board...
        JF my BF is now joining foreverparis for lunch at Spring this Friday! What a wonderful thing that all I had to do to get him a reservation was hook him up with a fellow France Chowhound!

        I am 'eating vicareously", as am stuck in the states, but will report back on their lunch experience.