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Dec 4, 2011 06:19 PM

Dry-Aging SubPrimals @ Home

As a follow-up to a post from a few months back, I wanted to share my working edition follow-up of my prototype aging fridge. It has temp control (+/- 2 degrees), humidity control through dual ultrasonic humidifiers (+/- 5%), remote temp / humidity gauge and UV air sanitization. It's all wired internally, and looks sooooooo much better than the prototype! First 3 cuts went in yesterday (all prime - 1 strip, 2 ribeye, one bone-in and one boneless), and it's running flawlessly. I'll report back round one results. The strip is coming out at 21 days, the bone-in for Christmas and the boneless for New Year's Eve.

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  1. I'm very impressed....

    Have you considered putting a small fan inside for more air circulation.....or does picture #2 take care of that.?

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    1. re: fourunder

      That's my one concern. The UV light does have a small fan, but it doesn't eliminate any moisture. So, I'm considering adding a de-humidifier control, and rig it to a small flap-closed fan running a 120v computer fan. Beyond this, I may add an additional pc fan to even out the humidity throughout. To battle this issue without the fan, I'm rotating the steaks between shelves once every 2 days.

      Suggestions for improvement are appreciated. This fridge is going to have a sister soon, as I want to run one as a dry-age fridge, and another environment conducive to charcuterie in the 2nd.

      1. re: ssgarman

        You could also do what David Burke's Primehouse does in it's aging room......add salt blocks and line with wood.

        1. re: fourunder

          Think I'll stick with the mundane rotting of beef, and leave the pomp and circumstance for the swank steakhouses... Though I say my method of cooking is equal to any steakhouse!

    2. Hat's off....very impresive!

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      1. re: 9lives

        Thanks. It's amazing how something that is a "hobby" can be so consuming! I'm afraid to ever do it professional (i.e. cooking, curing, aging, or anything to do with food / drink), as I'm guessing I'd lose the passion the second it became 'mandatory'!!!

      2. Interesting. That is the exact same fridge I just bought. And our stuff is aging perfectly without any modifications at all. None.