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Dec 4, 2011 05:57 PM

Salt Lake City Christmas Eve

Traveling from NYC, looking for good food to eat on Christmas eve. Cuisine not important. Looking for something authentic and open! bar suggestions welcome as well

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  1. Not sure about Xmas Eve hours, but any of these would be worth checking out:

    Tin Angel is our favorite funky slow-food kinda place

    Copper Onion is not quite as groovy as Tin Angel, but still way 'hound-worthy

    Red Iguana offers up what is arguably the finest regional Mex for hundreds of miles in any direction

    Mazza is our stellar outpost for Middle Eastern. Full bar at the 9th and 9th location

    Gracie's, Poplar Street Pub and The Bayou are all popular bars. The Bayou is more beer-centric than the other two. As Xmas Eve falls on Saturday night I'm guessing most bars will be open normal hours, and many will have live music.