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Fuel House - 53 Clinton St

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So I stopped by a nice little restaurant on Clinton St, where Olivia's at 53 used to be, and I have to say it's a great place to stop by for a bite.

I talked to the owner, Mackenzie, and he said that it's been open for just over 3 weeks. The decor has a cozy, modern-rustic feel to it, with the bar constructed from old reclaimed barn wood, and lacquered black tables.

As for the food, the menu is simple, and is mainly sandwich-based with some soups and salads. The sandwiches alone are very interesting - the pulled turkey ($7.50) is brined for 24 hours, then slow-roasted before getting a nice coating of house made coffee infused bbq sauce. The bbq sauce had a good flavour and it was served on a soft bun that was just delicious.

Another standout was the pork belly bahn-mi, a Vietnamese inspired sanwich served with pickled veggies on another soft bun. The pork belly was nice and fatty, and complimented the pickled vegetables.

Other items on the menu which were also great were the smoked tomato soup, which had a good consistency, and not too sweet or salty, like other tomato soups, the house burger, and the french fries, which were nice and crispy. We didn't try the poutine, but it passed by us and it smelled so good.

One more thing to mention - the dessert was a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with ice cream. Fresh out of the oven. It was really good, but I think most freshly baked cookies taste really good.

I recommend that you guys check it out! It'll be interesting to see how this place works out.

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  1. There is a write up on BlogTo with some pics too... I don't have the link handy but the Pulled Turkey looked good!

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      Is it this one? http://www.blogto.com/restaurants/fue...
      The pulled turkey looks just like the one I had!

    2. Looks like a good place to meet up and eat up.

      Bahn mi? Yes please!

      its on our to-visit list.

      1. I never got around to going and looks like I won't have a chance now. Has since closed down according to BlogTO.