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Beer Lovers - What Place has the Largest Selection ??

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What establishment, restaurant or bar, in the greater L.A. Uberopolis maintains the largest selection of Beer (on-tap and/or bottled)?

Anyone want to take a bite, or gulp, on this important question?

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  1. Crown City Brewery in Pasadena. They have beers from all over the world; a beer "passport" that they stamp for each that you drink, and after you have your entire passport stamped, they engrave your name on a brass plaque that goes up on the wall. At least I think they still do all that, haven't been there in awhile, but they definitely have a very large selection.

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      Great place, but the food is pretty standard. I like Library Ale House, much smaller selection, but nicely edited with good grub!


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        And on the east side, I've enjoyed Good Brew! Great selection of bottled beer...



    2. If you're on the westside and you're willing to brave the uber-cool crowd, My Father's Office has a pretty good assortment of beers, though not as extensive as Crown City.

      Also, The Other Room, another uber-cool spot on the westside, has a smaller, but very good collection of beer. They've got Hoegardden on tap, which forever endears them to me, even if they amateurishly drop a slice of lemon in the glass. I can definitely look past that.

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        bowery bar in hollywood also has hoegardden on tap.

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          the other room does have a lot of beers, but any true beery would be disappointed ultimately. along with the lemon in your beer (which is not always a faux pas by the way), they have poor glassware, temp is always off (some too cold, some too warm), and because most people do not know the difference between orval and stella, they tend to order the more well known beers and keep the turnover quite low-in other words, the cases sit around, getting warm and then chilled and then warm again. plus its too loud in there.

        2. Tom Bergin on Fairfax used to have a good one, and the Yard House in multiple locations seems to have a pretty good one, although I cannot personally vouch for either - give me the vino!

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            Tom's selection is not that impressive... But they will make you a REAL black and Tan with a spoon... awesome! :)


          2. An important question that comes up is "Who has the Best Wine List" being defined by quality and how deep it is (quanity). All I was looking for here is:

            Who has the Deepest Beer List? Beind defined by the number they provide to their cutomers; Bar or Restaurant. Bottom line is what's the number?

            A debate on the quality of any particular brand of beer or the food they may serve would be immaterial.

            1. Barney's Beanery on Santa Monica and La Cienega

              1. The Redondo Beach Pier, there is this little bar at the far end of the charter boat dock. The Last time I was there they had a list somewhere in between 75 and 100 different beers. (Bottle and tap) They also serve this fantastic Hard Apple cider that is KILLER! It's a great place to cop a squat, order a pitcher and sit back and smell the clean ocean air.
                I wish I remembered the name, but it's been awhile since I was there. Anybody ever been?

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                1. Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel has over 700 hundred beers available, mostly bottled but a few on tap.
                  1145 E. Las Tunas

                  Link: http://www.stuffedsandwich.com

                  1. If it's pure beer SELECTION you want (as I do) you have to drive to Costa Mesa.

                    For pure variety on tap, you want the Goat Hill Tavern. They held a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for more than a decade for the largest number of beers on tap, with 141 (now 144), until they were dethroned last year be a place outside the greater LA area. Their tap selection runs the gamut from proletarian and bland, to obscure and challanging. They're a dive, but they're a dive with astronomical selection.

                    And if you were already down there, you might as well drive the extra three blocks and stop at Hi Time Wine, also in Costa Mesa, (arguably) with the US's largest selection of beer, and spirits (I've spotted a number bottles on the shelves that I know are not presently approved for import to the US... they're that thorough). They have over 100 varieties in kegs, and well over 1000 varieties in bottles. Unfortunately, as many of the international and micro brews are seasonal, and their turn over is high, it is conceivable they may not have everything you need.

                    On your way back into the city, if you want a good broad selection of Teutonic bottled brews and a number of rare American micro brews on tap, the Hollingshead Deli in Orange is the way to go. They were filling growlers (glorious days, fresh beer to go!) for a few months until legal action was threatened.

                    Outside Orange County, the Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel manages to keep it's selection of 700 beers in stock all the year round... but if you're not a officionado of strong, live beers (I am), that might not be a good thing.

                    All that being said, I live in Santa Monica, and generally when I absolutely have to have a Pliny the Elder, or a Triple White Sage, I head over to Father's Office and brave the crowd.

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                      I thought Yardhouse claimed to have 250 beers on tap. I think their numbers are lower than that now, but they might be in the running at 150 or so.

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                        The Yard House's claim of 250 (in Long Beach) was based on massive duplication. They never had more than about 125 varieties on tap. They only stock 152 beers in total, and a number of those are bottled.

                        Goat Hill had 141 distinct taps. They held the record even after the Yard House was established.

                        That being said the idea of mixing Young's Chocolate Stout and Lindemans Framboise Lambic is a massively inspired bit of lunacy, so the Yard House does assuredly have it's positive points.

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                          Of course there is also a Yardhouse just across Newport Boulevard from the Goat Hill in Triangle Square. There is also a Bevmo just behind that so even more selection as well as Hi Times. .
                          So you could truly be in the presence of the largest selection of beers :-)

                    2. Hey JBC, look no further than 3rd Stop which located right next door to Locanda Veneto near the Beverly Center across the street from Cedars Sinai. They have over 30 beers on tap and many more bottled selections. Great food and atmosphere too.

                      1. i agree with prev. posters that the new 3d stop is a good spot but lucky baldwin's in old town pasadena also has a great selection of cellar ales and belgian rarities such as trappiste rochefort (both strengths)...a bit of a shlep but get a designated driver and get on it!

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                        2. Only one person mentioned it, but let me expand on it a bit. The Stuffed Sandwich probably has one of the largest, if not THE largest beer menu in Southern California. Here is the beer menu, but I think it's constantly changing at the restaurant.

                          The place has very dosen't have much ambiance of a true bar and kind of a sorry food. Mostly sandwiches and a few italian dishes (ribs too, I think). But of course, none of the pretenstion, attitude, or cost of other places mentioned.

                          Stuffed Sandwich
                          1145 E LAS TUNAS DRIVE
                          SAN GABRIEL, CALIF. 91776
                          (626) 285-9161
                          OPEN TUES -SAT 11A.M.-8P.M.

                          Link: http://www.stuffedsandwich.com/images...