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Dec 4, 2011 12:35 PM

Killer Dessert?

Am planning a big night out to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday. She really loves dessert. Any suggestions for a special restaurant that also will have a killer dessert?


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  1. Jason Santos's Blue Inc. has a very unusual and decadent Truffle Ice Cream w/ Butterscotch Fondant. His pastry chef at Gargoyles, John George, created it, and it is a killer!

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    1. We ate at Oiishi for the first time last week, and they have this amazing dessert of a giant coconut ice orb filled with a slightly coffee tasting mousse. It rests on a bed of raspberries. It was especially impressive for a sushi restaurant as their desserts are generally sub-par (in my experience anyway).

      1. I think she might like Le Patissier at Troquet. We tried their tasting menu which was divine. Service was lacking or almost non-existent. The pastry chef worked with my almond allergy and DC wanting to try the Mille Feuille.

        First pic is their Lemon Trio: Lemon Souffle, Lemon Ginger Sorbet, Lemon Pudding w/Blueberry Sauce. The souffle was the best of the trio and we would get it again. The sorbet was so estringent that you couldnt eat much of it. The pudding was just lacking.

        Sticky Toffee Pudding was divine and I'd wanted to lick the plate clean but restrained myself.

        The Mille Feuille was good too but the ice cream was bland.

        The grape sorbet was a palate cleanser courtesy of the pastry chef.