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Dec 4, 2011 12:31 PM

Big Bottom Market, Guerneville - Biscuits?

I read in the Sfgate article about Kara's Cupcake that she's friends w/ the owner of Big Bottom Market, a gourmet specialty store in Guerneville, Sonoma County. It's known for biscuits. Anyone try them?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Four of us had lunch there recently and loved it. We shared one unadorned biscuit and it was heavenly. Everything you want in a biscuit and nothing more. We had two sandwiches and two salads that were really good. I had the cubano which might not scratch a Miami ex-pats itch - the bread is probably not exactly right. But it was a really tasty toasted ham, turkey and cheese sandwich. The g-villy is similarly probably not going to evoke childhood memories among Philly transplants, but it is tasty. Between the curry chicken and the asian chicken salads, the curry was the winner since they are pretty light on the dressings. Nice wine and beer selections. Everything in the market was thoughtfully selected.

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        I can only claim an evening time nibble off a giant biscuit that a friend had saved from brunch. Nice crumbly texture, buttery, can only imagine what it was like fresh baked.

      2. I happened to stop by there for lunch yesterday (Sunday) and was impressed. It is definitely above the average quality level for Guerneville, and a welcome addition to the area. I had a curried chicken salad sandwich on a really nice brioche bun, with a small quantity of side salad that was fine. I also sampled the homemade potato salad which was good. I saw all of the baked goods too, and they looked great, but had no time to sample. I would definitely go back again - it's a nice place.