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Dec 4, 2011 09:05 AM

Suggestions of places to go in Cardiff, Wales!

Hello! I will be going to Cardiff for a week in January, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as far as restaurants and such go. I'll be staying in Cardiff city center by the central rail station. Looking at the maps of the area there are so many places to eat around, and I saw a few I'd like to try but getting suggestions from anyone who has been in the area would be helpful. :) This isn't my first trip to the UK, but it's my first trip to Wales.

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  1. I am afraid in my experience Cardiff is a culinary desert. Which restaurants are taking your fancy? When I was last there is was practically 100% chains.

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      To be honest chains don't bother me. Really so far Wagamama and Dorothy's fish bar were things I wanted to go to, not like we don't have asian places here in the states, it just looked tasty. All of the other times I've been to the UK the friends I was there seeing and I just kinda of stuck to Wetherspoons and Marston's places. I know there is a Wetherspoon's down the road from where I'm staying, but I'm really wanting to stay away from there this time, lol. I suppose in the end since there is so many places close by my friend from Wales and I will just eat wherever depending on where we are walking at the time around the city unless someone mentions anything in particular on here.

    2. My report from 3 years ago includes 2 restaurants in Cardiff that we enjoyed:

      1. The Good Food Guide from last year has the following... I'll leave it up to you to research them and see if any appeal.

        Le Gallois (gets a score of 4, which is pretty decent)
        Mimosa Kitchen and Bar (Cardiff's first 'gastropub) score of 2
        Mint and Mustard (2)
        Patagonia (3)
        Woods Brasserie (2)
        Patagonia (3)

        1. I haven't been to Cardiff for quite some time.
          Jay Rayner did review a place called the Potted Pig a few weeks ago- which sounds good from the review.

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            -Potted Pig has been getting rave reviews from most people I know. Haven't been there myself yet though.
            -Purple Poppadom has just opened The head chef Anand George was the brains behind Mint and Mustard & Chai Street (both of which got Bib Gourmands in the Michelin Guide this year) before he left. Saying that, Mint and Mustard and Chai Street are still both very good.
            -In the city centre The Plan is worth visiting for a good cup of coffee. It's third wave.
            -Madame Fromage does a good cheese based lunch in the city centre. Wally's deli also is worth a visit and they've got a new cafe attached which I'm sure will be good.
            - In Cardiff Bay I'm a fan of Ffresh. Consultant Chef is Shaun Hill (of Michelin Starred Walnut Tree fame) and they do some very good value set menus and a permanent half price offer on Voucher Cloud. They try and use as much Welsh produce where possible.

            Hope that's a help for now. If you can be more specific in what you're looking for then I'm sure I'll be able to help. There are a few reviews of some of the aforementioned on my blog.