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Dec 4, 2011 08:38 AM

German Foods shipped within Canada?

Hi Everyone. I am looking for a place within Canada that makes/sells/ships to other provinces. I want to get my father a german food gift box for Christmas...mainly sausages and condiments. I have spent several hours on this. I live in the US and can easily have things shipped to me...but the frozen food part is a bit of a nightmare, trying to get it them, especially all the way to Newfoundland. THe US sites I have found don't ship frozen food to Canada, and to be honest i don't want that to happen anyway. Last time i sent a gift directly from a company my Dad had to pay the same amount i paid for the item again in taxes/duty! Happy Fathers Day Dad! ;)~ SO I would be eternally grateful if anyone knows of such a place :) Thanks! Diane

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  1. Hm... You could try contacting the German butcher in Tatamagouche. He's got a permanent stand at the new Farmer's Market in Halifax. He may or may not be willing to put together a package and ship to Newfoundland for you... He's listed on the following site: