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Dec 4, 2011 08:34 AM

Pizarro, Bermondsey/Southwark, London

The Secreto Iberico main course is outstanding, rosy, sweet, meaty, the rim of fat full of flavour. Supported by a smooth well made mash.

More general info on this cut of Iberico pork:
It's also served at Iberica: - any comparisons from those who have eaten at both?

For starters, artichoke with goat cheese is elemental, texturally enhanced by the crunches from crispy croutons.

Squid, similar to the version at Jose, is firm but tender, with a good oceany flavour.

The cured salmon has a superb balance of tiny sweetness and relatively modest salt, enriched by a raw yolk, and of course an enduring savoury flavour of the fish.

Lamb is also outstanding, a lightly sweet but penetrating flavour (marinate?), incredible tenderness (texturally superior to the lamb I had at The Square last year). Lentils were cooked just right, a small nub of density, and wafted heavily with herbs.

Cloak of cream and vegetables in the cannelloni, cheese-heavy and rich, but not overwhelming.

Loved the creamy rice pudding, punctuated with the concentrated candy of orange peel, and light woodsy cinnamon backdrop.

Chocolate paste with hazelnut ice cream on toast reconstitutes a lovely gianduja sandwich, hot and cold, soft and crunchy.

Vanilla ice cream is also very good, smooth and light, and served with some crunchy nutty crumble bits and and fruit compote.

Already packed over the last few days during their soft opening. Prices as before their renovation:

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  1. Really, really want to go there. Have been to Jose which I liked, but it's very tiny and not particularly comfortable. Too bad the soft opening prices are finished! What did you drink? At Jose I had a glass of very expensive sherry - £7.50. Don't think I would bother with that next time, but would probably go for a beer.

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      Had a glass of sherry for one meal and a bottle of garnacha with friends at another. The couple of sherries I had there were more balanced than most, but also pricier. Jose is always crazy packed, but lunch there is a good option; I'm guessing that a similar strategy might work with Pizarro, which is already getting packed to the gills.