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Dec 4, 2011 06:26 AM

Hideous experience at Betty's Wok Noodles

Last night went to see an amazing concert at Symphony Hall for Handel's Messiah. Afterwards, my DC and I went to Betty's Wok Noodles for dinner. After being seating, 25 minutes later, we still had not talked to a server. We asked 3 employees passing by before a server showed up. After the order was taken, 15 minutes later, still no water, no food, no drinkes. When we complained, we were told they were busy - there were only 3 tables seated when we were seated and 8 tables seate after us had beverages and food. We left after 40 minutes of no service, food or simply water. Can't say what their food is like since we never saw any! And, BTW, the manager told us that they were busy and sorry, but......

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  1. No, you had an awesome experience at Betty's: to truly have a hideous experience there, you have to actually eat the food.

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      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

        i'm with Jenny. can't understand the recommendations for this place on the board. went once and still shudder.

        1. re: teezeetoo

          Yeah, we were one and done as well. When we went (about 8 years ago) we didn't have quite as bad service as you, but almost, and this was AFTER telling them we had tickets to a show AND they said they'd be sure we got out in time. I actually had them take my credit card when the food arrived, since we barely had time to choke it down before we had to leave for the show, which we made, barely. We had arrived at the restaurant nearly 2 hours before the show started. Poor service, plus poor food equals no more business from me.

      2. Honestly don't understand how this place stays in business - I guess location does matter, along with an ever-transient customer population pool who haven't heard about it....

        1. zy, that is horrific; i am so sorry. we have alwys had the opposite expeience there, though the last time we went was a long while ago. love the toothsome shanghai noodles w/ orange chipotle sauce, the rodeo rings and cool cukes. But i ,like you, would never return if i had been treated like that.

          1. Thanks guys for the moral support. I have never walked out of a resturant before and felt a bit petty. Now I know we made the right decision. Guess I can now check off the Betty's box of places to go. Have a great holiday!

            1. I feel like Betty's was decent at one point in time, maybe 10 years ago.

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              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                I think you're right, BD. I did have a party luncheon there, and we were v. well treated, but that wasn't v. recent.

                1. re: CookieLee

                  Yeah, I seem to remember a pleasant, stoner vibe to the place 10 years ago, replaced with an unpleasant stoner vibe more recently. Or I could just be getting old.