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Dec 4, 2011 06:26 AM

Favorites at Pomegranate in Brooklyn

What are your favorites at Pomegranate Supermarket?
Please include grocery items that would be hard to find anywhere else, recommendations - meat, dairy, and pareve - from their extensive take-out department (as well as those things to avoid), baked goods, salads, cheeses, etc., etc.

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  1. I've only been to Pomegranate once and found to place to be over-hyped.

    Although, the sauteed liver in wine sauce they served at the kosher food and wine experience was amazing.

    1. I try to get to Pom whenever I can, even though I live in Manhattan. Best kosher supermarket I have ever been to.

      My favorites:
      -the cheese selection
      -the homemade dips, such as olive tapenade, pesto, red peper did, etc
      -the pasta sauces (i've bought the alfredo and it tastes just as good as my homemade)
      -the olives from the barrels
      -the fresh salad, especially the fennel salad

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      1. re: Hirscheys

        People go to Pomegranate for the service, parking, helpful staff and completeness of selection all in 100% kosher, no second-rate hashgochos etc. It is not a super foodie place, but quality is good and number of things which other places just don't have. Enjoy the selection, and the items you saw in non-kosher places and wished you could eat!

        1. re: EvanM

          Ahh, true. Very good points. This type of stuff is typically lacking in kosher establishments.

          I guess its like Carlos and Gabbys. Pretty crappy Mexican food, but sure as hell the best kosher burrito you will get in the NY area. :)

      2. I like their sushi & baguettes but Poms take out dept. I would not take out

        1. we like the takeout salads already packaged. we had a fennel salad and roasted mushroom salad. both were yummy