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Dec 4, 2011 05:24 AM

Miami Christmas week - What are the must eats & Xmas day suggestions?

Visiting Miami for a week (with a key west detour) and hoping to hit the real culinary highlights - also need location(s) for sunday xmas day. Adventurous eaters we! So far looking at Michael's genuine & Harry's pizza, and say a brunch for xmas.... No need for steakhouses - unless they are truly over the top. Thanks!

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  1. Some popular spots with good food are Tudor House, Barceloneta / Pubbelly / Pubbelly Sushi, Yard Bird, Sugarcane. On Christmas a lot of stuff is closed... some stuff I know thats open is Prime 112 (steakhouse), Joe's Stone Crab -- both are insanely busy on Christmas, most hotels are open and a few other random restaurants. The Mandarin Oriental on Brickell Key has an amazing Christmas Brunch every year if you want a nice spot on the water, I usually head there.

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    1. I've seen China Grill has a great menu for xmas eve and xmas day.

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          You may very well enjoy your experience in China Grill - it's not a bad restaurant and it is Chinese, which seems compatible with dining out during Christmas. However, NYCfoodie1234 seems to be doing some marketing for Jeffrey Chodorow's empire on Chowhound across the threads. Take the rec with a grain of salt. In general there seems to be a lot of consensus in the Miami boards about what people enjoy. You may be better served searching around for some favorites and figuring out which will be open.

          Additionally, Harry's pizzeria and Michael's Genuine are run by the same group (although they're pretty different). Both are great. I would recommend Michael's as the more adventurous of the two and a better location for a visitor if you would want to go to only one.

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            Yeah, you're right I think NYCfoodie1234 is just someone who works for Chodorow... funny they only recommend restaurants owned / operated by him and nothing else besides that.

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              Thanks. There have been some v. Negative reviews on yelp which dimmed interest. Michael's and Harry's r both on the visit list along with Michy's and esquina de lechon. Appreciate the insights. Looking at breakers, biltmore, or setai for Xmas day - the I. Laws will be the determinant, sigh.thanks!