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Dec 4, 2011 04:30 AM

Who is open for dinner in Scottsdale on Christmas?

We're from the Seattle area and will be in town from the 23rd to 26th, Would appreciate dinner suggestions for Christmas Eve and Day. Also looking for great breakfast places that are kind of funky, diner-type places. We'll be mobile so driving most anywhere is fine. Thanking you in advance for your help-


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  1. In a search engine enter " opentable phoenix open christmas " and click on the link that comes up for Opentable, probably the first link showing. When I just checked this I see ten restaurants listed in Scottsdale open Christmas day, plus at least three others at nearby resorts in Phoenix (Biltmore, T. Cook's etc) ... check availability for your party size and desired time by entering the data in the upper-right where it says Find a Table.

    Many/most of these look like resort restaurants, probably almost forced to stay open to service guests staying at the resorts.

    These are only the restaurants participating in OpenTable, a lot of smaller restaurants don't use OT because of the cost. So there are for sure some others but OT is a good place to begin.

    1. Most resorts are open for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner and we love T. Cook's at the gorgeous Royal Palms resort..
      Also, Lon's at the Hermosa has wonderful breakfast/brunch/lunch and dinner.
      Carolina's for Mex is one of my fave's for divey goodness.

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        >> we love T. Cook's

        Dined at T. Cook's once about a year ago, based largely on ChowHound chatter, and I must say I was very disappointed. Mediocre resort food at above-average resort prices (our tab was about what we'd pay for a similar sized meal at Binkley's or Kai, but nary a single dish was worthy of being served at those places). I still remember the waiter pouring the wine, dripping red wine on the tablecloth every time he poured a glass ...

        I usually don't criticize a specific restaurant, especially after just one visit, but recently T. Cook's was recommended to another ChowHound out-of-state poster and after their trip they wrote that they were disappointed in the food, so I felt bad for not speaking up since there were several other better options presented to them.

        I know it's a fave of several local ChowHounders but I just didn't get it and I think you can do better, even on Christmas Day.

        1. re: willyum

          Dined many times at T.Cooks and always had great meals..
          Love Binkley's when we stay at the Boulders but find price point higher at Binkley's.

          I stayed at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass 'Motel' for a week in May of this year and we had app's and drinks from Kai's which were decent but I wouldn't give you 2 cents for that resort and I'm sure that has soured me for any more Kai's visits..resort is not what it used to be.
          Wrights at the Biltmore has always been great..

          I live in San Diego and go to PHX about 4+ times a year so I'm more a tourist than a local.
          Called earlier for Carolina's and said they would be open before and after Christmas...whatever that means.
          Check again to be sure.

          I think dining at T. Cooks for Christmas would be a lovely dinner and ambiance.

        2. re: Beach Chick

          The OP might have a hard time finding a time when Carolina's is open during the specified date range. I would venture a guess to say that they will close early on the 23rd, and not re-open until the 27th. That's just a guess, though, based on their history of being closed for an unusual number of holidays, and the fact that Christmas falls on a Sunday.

        3. The Biltmore, Four Seasons, and Ritz Carlton all have Christmas meals. At the Biltmore, Wright's has both Christmas Eve and Day ( Both Wright's menus look great to me ( ). The Frank and Albert's Christmas dinner is simpler.

          Four Seasons Talavera Christmas Eve: looks OK, but the Blue Moon Christmas day buffet looks better, with reservations to 7pm:

          Bistro 24 at the Ritz Carlton is serving a menu for Christmas Eve and a buffet until 4pm on Christmas Day, but I can't find the menus for either of them. Site isn't very good.

          I just visited Phoenix and had a great brunch at Wright's, but I've never been to FS or RC and never had Christmas meals at any of them. I thought Wright's was wonderful, and I like their Christmas menus from what I see online. Between FS and RC, it's the same as I saw for Thanksgiving--the buffet at the RC ends at 4p while the one at FS ends at 7p. Personally, 4 seems early to me, but I guess it depends on what you want. I have no experience with the restaurants so that's all I can offer.

          1. For your breakfast options, I wanted to pipe in with one of my faves - La Grande Orange on 40th St. between Camelback and Indian School. I've only ever ordered the Commuter Sandwich, (scrambled egg, tomato and mayo on their famous english muffin w/choice of ham, bacon, turkey, smoked salmon or avocado) because it's SO delicious, but everything looks wonderful. Good for lunch or dinner too.

            Christmas hours are listed on their website as Christmas Eve: 6:30AM - 4PM and Christmas Day: 5:30AM - 10AM (Java Garden Only). Normal business hours are 6:30AM - 10PM daily. Parking is horrid as it is always busy but I see they have free valet!

            Link here to their website: Click on Menu->Grocery to see their food.