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Dec 3, 2011 11:09 PM

Best Jerk Chicken SANDWICH in Toronto

Allwyn's Bakery in the Parkwoods Plaza at York Mills and VP. Shifty little shack in the same plaza as Food Basics. flattened cardboard boxes cover the floors to soak up the oil. usually only one guy behind the counter and he operates a register that's likely the same unit from the 80s. only about 10 things on the white-board menu. i guess it's a bit run down, but places like this imo are where the tastiest and cheapest hand-held eats are often conceived.

chunks of hastily-pulled jerk chicken and coleslaw (must have) with some sriracha on a coco bun for $3.50. beef patties are the same ones that people stop at warden station just to get. greasy, thicker crusted, trapezoid-shaped pastries filled with well-seasoned ground beef. not your flaky-yellow patty king patties.

if anyone heads along the dvp, i highly recommend a stop here for a quick little bite. the jerk chicken sandwich with coleslaw and sriracha is cheap and tasty eats. it's purely a takeout counter with no tables inside, so you grab your sandwich and a bottle of pineapple soda and sit outside or in the car if it's too cold and chow down.

please share if there are other places around the city with jerk chicken sandwiches

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  1. This is a great place for a jerk sandwich. That's all I've had from here. Beware the noon crowd of students. It gets very busy!

    1. I've tried the Jerk Chicken sandwich at Ackee Tree at Spadina & Queen. But I didn't find nearly as tasty (or as well assembled) as the one at the bakery at Parkwoods Plaza.

      FYI: That plaza is going to be torn down in the near future (I don't know the exact time line). It is going to be redeveloped into condos with attached townhouses. As far as I know, the only things that will remain are the grocery store and the Shoppers Drug Mart. more sandwiches!

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        +1 for Allwyn's
        BONELESS, skin-on, fresh jerk chicken and jerk pork by the pound or on a coco-bun with slaw... yum! No smoke, (baked jerk rather than pimento-wood grilled) but the herb-spice profiles are authentic. Hot patties are excellent when freshly made, but beware the tough, dry ones that have spent a little too long in the warming drawer. :-(
        Be extra-nice and friendly, and he'll STILL be crabby and brusque, but you'll get better food. :-)

        My other fave jerk chicken sandwich and patty is at Mr. Jerk, but ONLY the Wellesley Rd. location, down in the St. Jamestown area. Great jerk sandwiches, THE BEST patties in the city, plus excellent specials for lunch.

        Lastly, the other place that competes (favorably) in Scarberia is "Twice-as-Nice" in the Galloway war-zone at 4190 Kingston Rd. at Overture - great Oxtail with Rice & Peas, excellent (bone-in) Jerk Chicken, and killer Fry-Chicken - make sure you douse it with the home-made pepper sauce... SO good!


      2. Though not in Toronto, my favourite is at Negril in Markham at Steeles and Milliken, though I have to be honest I haven't had many others. There's is super juicy and I like their slaw.