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Dec 3, 2011 08:40 PM

Looking for source for Black Bottle Whisky

Hello Chowhounds...I'm looking for Black Bottle Whisky as it seems to have disappeared from LA. Anyone spot a bottle in the area? Will drive for scotch! Thanks!

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  1. Don't know where you are located geographically but ...

    I have bought obscure artisan brands of bourbon from Red Carpet Liquor on Glenoaks in Glendale. I had to special order, arrival was fast and prices in line.

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    1. re: SilverlakeGirl

      Thnx SilverlakeGirl...geographically Los Feliz and will try Red Carpet. Found a bottle online at Wally's but have to call to be sure. Will also try Top Line in Glendale. Appreciate yr help.

      1. re: countrygirl

        I know this place in Chatsworth is far away but they can get anything...

        1. re: SIMIHOUND

          Thanks so much for that resource. Checked it out & will keep it in mind. Luckily and unexpectedly, Wally's has 9 bottles. Off to west LA!

          Thanks to chowhounders & here's the recipe as to why I'm looking for Black Bottle scotch:
          Four on the Floor - cocktail at Hungry Cat
          1 oz Black Bottle scotch
          1 oz Buffalo Trace bourbon
          1 oz Carpano Antica
          1 oz Maraschino originale

          Stir Stir Stir over ice. Pour into chilled coupe. Enjoy!