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Dec 3, 2011 07:27 PM

Vegan Chinese in Orange County??

I'm looking for a Vegan Chinese place in Orange County. I used to go to a great place in Westminster
on Magnolia at Bolsa in the 90's with very good faux Meat, Chicken and Seafood dishes. It's long gone
and I haven't found a similar restaurant.



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  1. Vegan Chinese I don't know about, but there are tons of vegan Viet places. If you don't get any hits, post back and I'll recommend some.

    1. Well, there's Happy Family in Costa Mesa. They have a great lunch deal where you get soup, white or brown rice, and two small entrees, all for $6.75. The hours for this special are between 11-3, I think every day. Note: I think there are a few dishes here that contain egg. They should be clearly marked, but I would ask, just in case. The food isn't the absolute best vegan Chinese I've had (my favorite for now is New Happy Family in Rosemead, or maybe Fine Garden Vegetarian in San Gabriel), but it's pretty good, at least I think so. I like the black bean tofu "oysters" a lot. Oh and the kung pao "chicken". They will also cook in less oil, if you ask. Yes, this place is owned by the same family that runs the Happy Family restaurants in Rowland Heights and I think Rosemead?

      There are also four Loving Huts, which are more Vietnamese, but do have some Chinese-Am dishes like beef with broccoli, sweet & sour pork, etc. My overall favorite for price and food is the one in Orange. My least favorite, but most convenient one is located inside the Brea Mall.

      Au Lac has very good cooked dishes, many of them ChineseAm dishes. I like their sweet & sour pork and their raw "donut holes".

      Mitasie in Huntington Beach is Viet, but does a great fake chicken dishes. i was just there and had a pretty decent meal for $7.

      That's it for now.