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Dec 3, 2011 05:27 PM

Bolani coming to SF Costco mid to late Jan 2012

The bolanis and spreads made by East & West Gourmet Afghan Food will be regularly stocked at the SF Costco beginning mid to late Jan 2012. They are already regularly stocked in the Concord warehouse.

According to the company, the most popular 3 pack spread is the garlic mint cheese, cilantro pesto, and sweet jalapeno. The next popular pack is the eggplant, tomato pesto, and basil pesto.
The most popular bolani is the spinach, followed by the pumpkin.

I'm looking forward to enjoying them!

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    1. I saw their products at the Foster City Costco for a while, and then they disappeared. The nice guy at their famers' market stand said several months ago that working with Costco is a blessing and a curse. The volume is massive, and they can sell multiple times more product than they do at all farmers' markets combined, but that level of volume can be challenging for a small company, plus Costco 's contracts require full supplies at all times, but the right to drop the supplier from Costco at any time. It's very hard to keep up with Costco's demands and maintain quality. Risky, but rewarding. If they're coming back to Costco, it sounds like they were able to create the needed infrastructure to handle the volume. I love the "second most popular" combo myself, and both of the bolanis.

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        Their products were at some of the Costco's as a result of their roadshows. The products were there until the samples ran out. So now they are "coming back"to certain warehouses as a regular supplier. I'm so glad that we can get bolanis at Costco!

      2. You mean "Afghan crack"? The first combo is the default combo they put on the samples at the farmers market. The eggplant is amazing, and I don't even like eggplant! My other favorite is the lentil curry -- guess I'll still have to go to the market for that.

        1. The Bolanis have arrived at the SF Costco!

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          1. re: elise h

            Where are they stocked? Any idea what other local Costcos might have them?

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                pass the produce section, make a right and there is a refrigerated section with prepared foods. These products change regularly, so it's always a surprise to see what is there!

            1. Just discovered them at a roadshow at Rohnert Park Costco. They're there til Sunday. I was buying before I sampled just because the product looked good. Once I sampled I was totally hooked. Gentleman at the booth said that they had given out many samples today but I was the first person who bought. That makes me sad...