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Dec 3, 2011 04:39 PM

tips for reheating a lot of frozen (sliced) bagels for a party

I live in an area with no good bagels so had a friend pick up bagels for me in Boston. They were day old when I received them and really not as fresh as I had hoped, but since I now have 10 dozen, I had no choice...I sliced them and froze them and need to serve them at a party next week. My feeling is they would do best being toasted, but I obviously can't stick 10 dozen bagles in an electric toaster - any tips about how to best serve these bagels? I will be at a kitchen with 2 very large ovens and don't need to have all the bagels ready at once, but within a 20 minute time frame...


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  1. You can defrost them, then put them on a tray under the broiler to toast. Just a them carefully, they brown up quickly.

    1. instead of toasting the bagels, how about "reviving" them so they're more like freshly made ones?

      let the bagels thaw on the counter for 15-20 minutes, preheat ovens to 350F and line several large sheet pans with wire racks.

      pass the bagels under cool/cold running water for just a second (or give each one a quick dip in a bowl of water), shake off excess, and lay them out on the racks.

      transfer the pans of bagels to the ovens and bake for 10-15 minutes.

      if you want the bagels to be more "toasted," just crank up the oven temp.

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