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Maine Lobsters at cheap prices

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  • Kiley May 19, 2006 02:53 PM
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Hello Chowhounders,

I am looking for the best Maine Lobster deal near my area (La Cienega and 3rd)within say, 5 miles or so whether it be a restaurant or just good quality, fair priced whole, live lobsters for sale. I am willing to travel the beaches for something truly spectacular. Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. The best prices I've found for live Maine lobsters are at 99 Ranch Markets. And they have some HUGE bugs, too, if your're looking for big jumbos.

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      Thanks Tom! A bit of a trek, but it looks interesting...

    2. How's Markets had them at $7.99/lb on special last week....sorry it was last week though

      1. Friday and Saturday nights all you can eat live Maine lobster in Long Beach at Khourys. At about $50 w/tax and tip, buffet included, nice location on the water it's a bargain.