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Dec 3, 2011 04:10 PM

Reconstitute Tahini [moved from General Topics]

Hi, thanks in advance. Does any one know how to reconstitute that approximate 1/4" solid layer of tahini that is always left in the bottom of the jar? Can you just mix it with water or something? I do stir my tahini, and store it upside down.

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  1. What's been lost is the oil, so if you were going to add anything it should be oil, not water. Or make sure to stir up from the bottom every time you use it to avoid separating and being left with that thick layer of solids.

    1. A little peanut oil may do it. The flavors would complement one another.
      Don't use water, or you'll just get a stiff mess.

      1. I"m probably the only one on this board that isn't that fond of tahini.
        When my [one and only jar ever purchased] went 'south', I was happy to dispose of it.
        But the question of how to bring it back after losing it's oil component is probably correctly addressed by these two. Sorry couldn't help.