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Dec 3, 2011 02:44 PM

Copenhagen: Looking for some good values

My wife, 20-year-old son, and I are going to be spending a week in Copenhagen in the middle of December. Noma-level prices are not an option, unfortunately. Any ideas where we could eat well without taking out a second mortgage?

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  1. There are a lot of lower-priced options in the Nyhavn area - at the waterfront. That street has tons of restaurants. We quite enjoyed a meal at the place with a mermaid on the sign. It was on the left-hand side of the long street that comes off the large square. I believe the restaurant was called Fishhavn. They made simple, good-tasting fish dishes and the service was very friendly. I remember once having a nice prawn curry.

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    1. Best smorrebrod option (open faced sandwiches) was Aamann's. Definitely worth seeking out.

      1. fiskbaren, relae and aamans are excellent (all former noma cooks) and reasonably priced. Also, none is extremely touristy, which, for me, is a bonus.

        1. I'll highly recommend the restaurant Krebse Gaarden in the center of Copenhagen. It is where we went for a late dinner after having lunch at Noma.
          The food is delicious and complex and a good value.

          The real standout here though is the wine and cheese. One of the guys who runs the place is passionate about the local wines and the Danish dairys. He spends a lot of his time visiting these small producers all over Denmark.

          For the cheese course he put together for us an 11-cheese tasting plate that was sublime. Starting with lighter cheeses it moved all the way to Gorgonzola-style and Rocquefort-style cheeses. The plate also included a taste of the hard-to-get Skallingen cheese. Very little of this cheese is produced so it is only sold to a few restaurants.

          Highly recommended. It is more of a locals place and we discovered it through a series of happy accidents.

          On another note: Aamann's only serves smorrebrod for lunch and you can get it take-away too. Its a good option for a sit-down dinner though. There are also a couple casual sit-down places in the new Torvehallerne food market.