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Dec 3, 2011 02:20 PM

Q about Sangria

As I look around for (red wine) sangria recipes, I'm finding that they almost invariably include brandy, triple sec, or another liquors--commonly a combination.

Is this traditional? Would this be what a restaurant would generally serve, or would a restaurant make something centered on just wine and fruit?

For various reasons, I want to make something that's tasty (less on the sweet side), but easy on the alcohol content.

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  1. I think of Sangria as a family recipe sort of thing. Everyone makes their own. Try out a few recipes by the glass. A litlle OJ, some mango and lemon and maybe a few pomegranate seeds. The added liquors not only help boost the watered down alcohol but give some flavour but are optional. I make glasses out of left over bottles of reds or whites. Once you've found a mix you like you can just expand the recipe.

    1. For a lighter Sangria (if you are a label purist, than it is a home-made wine cooler, not Sangria), you can put in soda or fruit juice instead of the liquor.

      Label purism aside, for specific recipes, I suggest that you look at wine fruit cooler recipes instead of sangria recipes

      1. I tend to make mine with the additional alcohol or liqueur but you might look for recipes that use ginger ale in them. The "bite" in the ginger ale might help as a sub for brandy. I did that this last summer with my white sangria's and they were great.