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Dec 3, 2011 01:24 PM

Cooking Class / Cooking School in or around Somerset County

Looking to give a gift certificate to a cooking class/cooking school as a holiday gift to a woman who loves to cook and bake, lives in Somerset, and does not like to drive too far. I know of Classic Thyme in Westfield. Any other suggestions.

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  1. The Viking School runs cooking classes at Natirar (Ninety Acres) in Peapack-Gladstone. They are pretty upscale and by no means inexpensive (the fact that they have valet parking for evening students tells you a lot). Not all classes are hands on, which I assume your friend would be most interested in.

    1. My friend has taken classes at Kings Cooking Studio in Short Hills and enjoyed it very much....varying topics, very pleasant and affordable.

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        They also do cooking classes at King's Bedminster location, which would be quite close to your friend.

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          About ten years ago a friend of mine took several classes at the Bedminster location. However, the Kings web site now states that the only location for cooking classes is Short Hills.

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            I think their website may be wrong, as I recently took a class there...though I do know that they are not held there often. Most are done at other locations.

      2. I know that most adult schools offer some sort of cooking lesson/ classes. I'm not sure which one near to her but you could consider that as well. I know the Chatham Adult School offers varying classes as well as Montclair(probably too far for her).

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          Good idea...I know many school districts that have adult learning programs do offer cooking classes. County College of Morris has a culinary school, and also offers continuing ed classes of various types. A friend took one that met once a week for four weeks, taught by a local professional chef which she said was excellent, and inexpensive to boot. (I seem to recall the teacher/chef was either a CIA or Johnson and Wales grad)