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Dec 3, 2011 01:14 PM

singapore layover

Will have time for one meal in Singapore. Would appreciate suggestions for a restaurant for dinner with easy access from the airport where delays/wait will be minimal but food is chow-worthy. Thanks in advance

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  1. Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine at Crowne Plaza Hotel would fit the bill - it's next / linked to Changi Airport Terminal 3, access can't get easier than that. Not too difficult to get a space, food is good.

    1. I'd hit up the hawker stalls in Changi Village. Not sure how much time you have, but you'd need a 4-5 hour layover to leave the airport, travel, eat and travel back to Changi to clear security in time for your next flight.

      1. hmmm. think it would help if you provided more details on your budget, cuisine (i assume you don't want hawker food since you mentioned "restaurant"), as well as time constrains. it is only a half hour's train ride from the airport to the city centre, but if you only have 2-3 hours, then going to the city centre will be a moot point.

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          Thanks for all your help to date. We have about 8 hours, would prefer to leave the airport to see a tiny bit of Singapore. Not looking for a super-expensive place. Hawker food might be fine if it's accessible and pescatarian-friendly. Looking for something we won't have had in Thailand, Malaysia and Viet Nam, where we will have just spent 2 weeks. This will be our last of Asia before our return to the states.

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            Singapore's city centre is perhaps 30 minutes by cab from the airport, so very accessible. You can try the Fountain foodcourt and restaurants in Suntec City, or pop over to Singapore's hottest spot at the moment - Marina Bay Sands, which has several top-notch dining spots - Imperial Treasure for good Cantonese food amongst them.

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              8 hours is definitely enough time to get to the city centre and back, whether by train or cab. i second MBS, and klyeoh's suggestion for imperial treasure.

              or little india if you like indian food - i like anjappar on racecourse road. or perhaps a fish head curry restaurant - not my favourite food but many tourists seem to like it.

              (off topic: this is the second time this week i see someone spelling vietnam as viet nam! interesting; have never seen it spelt this way prior to this week!)

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                Thanks to all. Lots of choices. Can't wait

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                  Ref the spelling: Vietnam is the anglised spelling Viet Nam mimics the Vietnamese spelling (i.e useing a western alphabet). I suspect some see the split as more PC way of saying it - but both are used in Vietnam and are interchangeable - think of Vietnam Airlines for example.

            2. 2 Pescatarian friendly Singapore specialities spring to mind

              Chilli Crab - go to No Signboard Seafood in Geylang if you want "street style", Jumbo or Red House if you want an indoor restaurant.

              Fish Head Curry -available all over, Muthu's in little India is a famous one, Sammy's in Dempsey Hill is supposed to be good.

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                  Try Long Beach in Dempsey Hill for seafood, too. It's a bit more expensive, but the quality is very good.