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Grocery Outlet for December

After a brief tour of the GO in Novato this morning, some of the bargains I found included:

Starbucks Mocha Frappaccino ice cream bars @ $0.99
Agru Blood Orange Italian soda @ $1.99
Twinings English Breakfast Tea (20 bags) @ $1.99

Pierre Sparr Alsace 2008 Pinot Gris @ $5.99 (usually retails for $10-$12)
Dei Feudi Di San Gregorio 2008 Greco Di Tufo @ $8.99 (usually retails for $18-$20)
McGuigan Bin Series 2009 Merlot (usually retails for $10-$12)
There was also some Pierre Sparr Gerwurztraminer in stock

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  1. I'll be looking for that Greco. Let us know if you pop the cork.

    New store in San Jose opens today.

    Grocery Outlet S San Jose
    1665 Foxworthy Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      There were very few bottles of the Greco there, so you better go soon and you better look closely!

      Any updates on when the GO will open in South San Fran?

      1. re: DavidT

        I opened the McGuigan Merlot last night with a pizza and thought it was a very nice "week night" wine. Well worth the $3.99 it cost at GO.

      2. re: Melanie Wong

        The new San Jose store is nice looking and it's very large. I was disappointed that they didn't have a great cheese selection. The store on Monterey Highway has wonderful deals on imported cheeses like ememnthaller, spanish iberico for $1.99 for almost 6 ounces-less than a third of what Safeway charges, and a spring Gouda called Meadowkaas which was also very tasty.

        I hope that the new Foxworthy store starts to carry more of the gourmet cheeses and similar items because it's closer for me to shop there than on Monterey Highway.

        1. re: Barbara30

          I like the Monterey Hwy GO too. Do give your feedback to the new store's management as they're just starting out and probably would love to hear from you.

          Grocery Outlet San Jose
          2300 Monterey Hwy, San Jose, CA 95112

      3. San Pablo

        33 cents – Libby’s tender cut green asapargus 8 oz
        59 cents – Pomi chopped tomatoes from Italy 26 oz box
        59 cents – Delmonte organic tomato paste 6 oz
        99 cents – Reeses peanut butter chips
        1.49 – Hillshire Farms beer brats
        1.49 – Oscar Meyer turkey Polish sausage
        1.49 – Best Foods mayo with olive oil – squeeze bottle
        1.50 – Sorrento part skim mozzarella 12 oz (sell by 11/24)
        1.50 – Hershey’s white chocolate baking chips
        2.99 – Hebrew National Polish sausage
        2.99 – Hebrew National knockwurst
        3.99 – St. Barthelemy Cellars 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon Port 3.75 ml
        3.99 – Martha Stewart dish washing liquid
        4.99 – Modavin spumante dolce

        So skip the canned asparagus. I haven’t tried it for decades and it was worse than I remembered. It tasted like salty can and the asparagus is just mush.

        I bought the Best Foods olive oil mayo in the past and didn’t like it … but it is cheap enough if you want to try it. Lots of other mayo deals.

        I finally tried the spumante … they aren’t kidding about the dolce. Too sweet for my taste.

        I really liked the St. Barthelemy Cellars port. They had a few other types which I might pick up. It is a light port and for once I agree with the description … cherry, vanilla and cassis notes. Seems like this stuff sells for $20 on line



        San Pablo had LOTS of yogurt on sale with a good percentage of it 4 for $1.

        The Martha Stewart stuff just amused me. GO is the last place I expected to hear that name over the speakers.

        Berkeley had canned imitation abalone for $1.49. Turned out to be squid. Why don't they just say that.

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        1. re: rworange


          $1.49 -- StarKist solid white albacore in water -- rworange, note it's a 7 oz. can (probably used to be an 8 oz. can, but better than a 5 oz can that used to be a 6 oz. can)
          $1.99 -- Dove ice cream (chocolate dulce de leche and vanilla toffee)
          $1.99 -- Walker's shortbread in "festive" shapes
          2/$1 -- Oikos plain Greek yogurt

          Christmas trees -- $29.99 for good size (6-7 foot) Douglas firs

        2. The Agru blood orange Italian Soda( $1.99) is quite good ..... comparable to some of the other more expensive Italian sodas .... often run in the 3-5 dollar range.

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          1. re: gordon wing

            I must be the only one who didn't like the Agru. I thought it tasted like glorified Tang. I preferred some of the oddball Shasta flavors like Black Cherry and Kiwi Strawberry. I have a bottle on my kitchen counter that have not been able to give away.

            1. re: chocolatetartguy

              Did you try the Stewart's Blood Orange soda in the four pack? I thought it didn't have much blood orange flavor compared to the Agru .... so maybe you'll like that : ~ ) I bought a bottle of the Agru grapefruit juice/soda but haven't tried it yet. They have a lot of it at the Berkeley GO but none of the Blood Orange variety.

              1. re: gordon wing

                I tried the Thomas Kemper blood orange soda in the 4-pack, which had no discernible orange flavor to it. Just a sort of generic candy flavor, but not necessarily citrus.

                Also, the Izze ginger soda in the 4-pack had very little ginger flavor.

                I preferred the Agru grapefruit to either of them, but then again, I prefer the slightly bitter citrus flavors in general.

                1. re: dump123456789

                  Thanks for the 411 on the Grapefruit Agru ...... the Thomas Kemper Blood Orange Soda was pretty weak - I agree. ( I thought it was by Stewart's but I was wrong ) I haven't been very impressed by the Izze sodas I've tried either.

              2. re: chocolatetartguy

                Normally, I'd let this go as a difference of taste. However, comparing Agru which has real blood orange juice and uses cane sugar to Tang while lauding artifically flavored, HFCS Shasta ... seriously?

                Maybe I like Agru because that is close to how I make sparklers ... just juice and carbonated water (no sugar though).

                Also, to another poster ... San Pablo is loaded with the blood orange agru.

                1. re: rworange

                  I opened the Grapefruit Agru tonight ....... it was OK . Wish it had more grapefruit flavor / acidity. Tasted a bit too sweet. Still like the Blood Orange best.

                  1. re: gordon wing

                    Which brands of grapefruit soda do you recommend ? I don't come across grapefruit soda/bitters much (except when I travel to Europe).

                    1. re: dump123456789

                      Depends on what you look for in grapefruit soda. Juice Squeeze makes a nice ruby Grapefruit that is just grapfruit juice. It is on the sweet rather than bitter side

                      I forgot about Dagoba milk chocolate squares for 25 cents each at San Pablo.

                      1. re: dump123456789

                        RW mentioned the Ruby Grapefruit Juice Squeeze. And there's always the San Pellegrino Sodas: Limonata and Aranciata ( Orange ) ..... both have good flavor and lean toward the bitter or maybe just less sweet?

                        1. re: gordon wing

                          I just buy some Safeway Seltzer waters and squeeze some real Grapefruits.

                          It tastes like real Grapefruit...imagine that?

                          1. re: Mission

                            But don't forget to add lots of sugar and / or high fructose corn syrup! and whatever stabilizers you might have on hand. : ~ )

                            1. re: Mission

                              I've tried this before, with various fresh citrus juices, and as gordon jokes, it really needs sugar. I can't seem to get the balance of grapefruit, bitter and sweet that comes from a good soda. The seltzer washes out the sweetness and the grapefruit, making the bitter overly prominent relative to the other two.

                              I'll have to try to locate the Fruit Squeeze.

                              1. re: dump123456789

                                Juice Squeeze is sold in almost any supermarket. I know for sure Raley's/Nob Hill sells it.

                                Maybe if making your own, start with a sweeter graperfruit like a Ruby Red. One of the big juice companies, I forget which, at one time sold an exxceptional Ruby Red. If I see it I'll post.

                                1. re: rworange

                                  Trader Joe's carries a good Ruby Red (with no HFCS).

                      2. re: rworange

                        Seriously. Flavor is flavor whether it is artificial or not. If you don't trust your tastebuds, then where are you. I found the Agru not to taste at all like blood oranges. I like the flavors of some Shasta varieties. I have always liked artificially smoked gouda and I buy it from the Cheeseboard along with Piave and Old Quebec cheddar.

                        I recently took the opportunity to taste several domestic boutique blood orange sodas at Andronico's closing sale prices. I tried Thomas Kemper and one other. Neither did anything for me. In fact, I've decided that if you want blood orange flavor, why waste your time. Get thee to Monterey Market for their excellent blood orange juice.

                  2. Today at the Berkeley store ...... Hostess Fruit Cake! Brightly colored fruit and suitably dense. Was too dazzled to see the price. Over in the bread aisle in a stand alone display.

                    1. San Pablo

                      Lots more discounted dairy items than in this list

                      6 for $1 – Single serve boxes of Sunrich vanilla soymilk
                      25 cents – Tango non carbonated energy juice (100% juice) 15.5 oz can
                      79 cents – Organic fair trade Pacific Naturals boxed mocha 16.9 fl oz
                      99 cents – Silk live yogurt (32 oz)
                      99 cents – Oikos vanilla yogurt (16 oz)
                      99 cents – Van Camps solid yellowfin tuna in water 5 oz
                      $1.49 – Pillar Rock Wild Alaskan salmon fillet 6 oz can no added water or oil
                      $1.50 – Knudson cottage cheese (32 oz) sell by 12/9
                      $1.50 – Oikos plain organic yogurt (32 oz)
                      $1.50 – Tillamook plain yogurt (32 oz) \
                      $1.50 – Hillshire Farms kielbasa, beer brats or hot links
                      $1.99 – Applegate sorpressa
                      $1.99 – Mothers cookes (frosted pink and white animal cookies or chocolate chip)

                      I liked the Tango (by Hansen’s) in a shocking algae green. Lots of juices like acai, elderberry, guava, tangerine and … well … not 100% juice as advertised, but with some vitamins, minerals and stuff …. Guarana seed extract, glycerol ester of wood rosin (really?), caffeine, etc. Despite having sucralose, it wasn’t too sweet and reminded me of guava juice.

                      I didn’t like the mocha. It was too sweet. Organic or not it reminded me of McDonald’s overly sweet mocha.

                      The tuna was pretty good. Not as good at Trader Joe’s yellowfin but far superior to the glop that Bumble Bee is canning these days.

                      1. Oakland Grocery Outlet 12/13 and 12/15. At the Oakland store, there is a senior discount (over 55 years of age) on all items on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 8 am - 12 pm. The last one was 12/13 and the next is 12/27. I think that the Berkeley store has a discount on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at the same times. All the prices below are before discount.

                        * Wine
                        - $3.99 GV Cellars 2002 Syrah Solano County (Green Valley). I bought 2 bottles and went back for 2 more. Tastes of black pepper, licorice, pomegranate and tannins. I'm not much of a wine guy but really liked this one. There were some other GV reds and speculation on the web that GV might be connected to Tudor Creek wines (with the orange label) also in Suisun.

                        Over the years, the beer selection at GO has become more mundane and the prices have gone up. They used to get more bargain microbrews, sometimes Belgian ales in champagne bottles, Goose Island from Chicago, etc. Now they carry a lots of contract brewery brands, megabrewers or retail-priced micro and/or premium brews. Their beer fridge is becoming less appealing.

                        * Gourmet/organic (usually found on the shelves above the long freezer cases)
                        - $1.69 Antica Enotria Organic Cherry Tomatoes, 17.6 oz. net jar from Italy. Sweet tasting with some sea salt. Image:

                        -$1.49 Casbah Toasted Couscous, 6.3 oz. package. These are giant pearl couscous or Israeli couscous. Nutty and big.

                        -$1.29 Pacific Hemp Milk with real chocolate, 32 oz. tetrapak. From Pacific Foods of Oregon. Interesting concept; if you get the munchies from the hemp nut milk, the chocolate should satisfy it.

                        * Deli
                        -$3.99 Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus, 25 oz. plastic tub. Other flavors available. This works out to about $2.60/lb.

                        * Misc.
                        - 99 cents. Casa di Oliva Gourmet Capers, 4 oz, net jar, looks like it's from Turkey.

                        -$1.99 Peloponnese Whole Sweet Roasted Florina Red peppers, 16.5 oz. net jar from Greece, good ingredients. Went well with some hummus, capers and Greek-style yogurt.

                        * Out of Stock?
                        - $3.99 Aquastar cooked Cold Water Crab from Russia, 1 lb. frozen. Saw it in the freezer on 12/13 but was gone on 12/15. Picture below.

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                        1. re: zippo

                          Attn Dessert Wine Lovers:

                          Oakland just marked down a number of items to about 50% off because they haven't been moving quickly enough:
                          2006 D'Arenberg "The Noble" Late Harvest Chardonnay/Semillion was $15.99, now $7.49
                          (I bought the last 3 in fridge for friends who absolutely loved it)
                          2007 Wagner Vignoles Ice was $15.99, now $7.99. At least a dozen left on the top of the small shelf between the wine and beer aisles.
                          2006 Cave Springs Riesling Niagara Peninsula, Yalumba Late Harvest Viognier, Heron Hill Late Harvest Vidal Blanc, Standing Stones Winery and quite a few others in the fridge.
                          Look for the orange price tags and save, save, save!
                          Happy New Year!

                        2. Last weekend at Rohnert Park:

                          Smuckers Grade A maple syrup, 12 oz, $5.99
                          Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk, $1.50
                          Hadley whole fancy medjool dates, 12 oz, $3.99 - big, plump, tender, very good, best by date of 10/5/12.
                          Eden organic tomatoes, $1.99
                          Reynolds recycled aluminum foil, $1.99
                          2008 Fort Ross Sonoma Coast "Symposium" Pinot Noir, $12.99 - Interestingly, this vintage is not listed on the website. The Symposium blend typically has a bit of Pinotage blended in. Great nose of deep black cherry fruit and touch of earthiness, quite developed and easy to drink. We debated over whether we were picking up smoke taint or toasty oak, but it's in the background. Would have liked more acidity, but a pleasant and easy-going quaff for the price.