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Dec 3, 2011 11:55 AM

Lucky peach issue #1 in Toronto?

Yes I know, I loafed on picking this up. Has anyone seen one languishing on shelves somewhere? I've checked w/ Cookbook Store, Type Books and Good Egg. None of them have it, but they all have issue 2.

Are they in Chapters/Indigo/Walmart?

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  1. I picked it up at the Book City store on the Danforth. How much ya willing to give me for it? ;)

    Edit: I picked it up this July so not sure if they still have any copies left.

    1. I would try Indigo. I got my copy there quite a while after it came out. You also might be able to order it from their website.

      1. thanks for the tips.....gonna brave the cold on my bike and make a run for this and more lindeman's gueuze.

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          You can check the in store stock of this via CHapters/Indigo's site. It is actually in the "book" section vs. the magazine section so if you are looking in the magazine section you won't find it (at least it was when I was looking for it) . According to the online site there are a ton of copies at Eaton Centre and John/Richmond... It almosts seems like there are too many copies (50+ at Eaton Centre) so maybe it is an error. This is for the first magazine. You could probably call and verify before heading to one

          Wow, just checked on website and resellers are selling it for $78!

          Oh, and btw, if you do find one, there are recipe corrections online for it.

          1. re: ylsf

            I picked up 1 & 2 at John & Richmond Chapters, lots of copies available if anyone is looking.

            #1 is cheaper than #2 for some reason, $11.50 vs $13.95.

            1. re: aser

              I believe they explain the change in price points in one of the first pages of the second issue.

              1. re: gomes

                When I was in the USA I thought the cover price said $12 CAD/USA . I didn't end up buying the 2nd copy down there figuring I would just get it here if it was teh same price but then I saw it in Canada listed just short of $14... wondering why the difference in Canada. I ended up ordering the 2nd issue via when I ordered some other things

                1. re: ylsf

                  I saw the first issue at the Indigo/Chapters at Bay and Bloor (where the Varsity theatre is)

        2. Saw a couple of copies of issue #1 at Sanko today.

          1. Just bought issues 1 and 2 at The Cokkbook Store on Yonge and Yorkville.

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              Okay why don't I know what the heck this is all about??

              1. re: millygirl

                I second that millygirl. Can someone kindly enlighten us?

                  1. re: Flexitarian

                    The first edition is 176 pages dedicated to ramen: its accessories, its ingredients, its culture, its chefs. Yeah, go ahead. I'll wait here while you scream in delight. :D