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Dec 3, 2011 10:19 AM



We had our worse meal in Montreal at the Brossard branch last night. My wife is Chinese. They pushed an Americanized mixed vegetable on us with rude and dismissive "you are foreigners-this is the one you will like" attitude which intimidated my wife. I told them to take it back. The waiter said, "i won't take it back unless you want to pay for it". We called the manager who was insulting and rude, and finally said she was reluctant to give us a replacement, becuase we would pull the same shenanigans (different words, but the insult came across). The replacement, which had the vegetable she claimed didn't exist to us, was sloppy and poorly executed. While the restaurant has sometimes had decent Chinese style food, this ruined our meal and it tasted terrible.

  1. Please don't "shout" in the post titles.

    Which restaurant are you referring to? It is not clear from your post.

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        Thanks, I will stop shouting. I was pretty angry. I think we gave them a number of chances to correct their behavior. They continued to be defensive and insulting, and I think people should know.

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        1. the name of the restaurant you're referring to would be a good idea!!!

          1. I think sometimes it's not that they want to behave that way, it's like what they said, that once people realize it's "ok" to return dishes they don't like, then it will never ends. Even though you are truthful about the situation, sadly there are always others who simply like to take advantage of "customers always being right". I've seen cases where not only after the restaurant offered to replace the dish, the customers demanded to get the meal free, AND they don't leave tips. Seriously, I think it's just a case of being cheap, more than actually trying to get a good meal.

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              We actually left a 20% tip. I have never seen behavoir like this, but I have only been here 2 years. We are used to a different behavior in the U.S., so maybe, as you may be pointing out, this is a Canadian issue or a Quebec issue.

              1. re: foodlovergeneral

                are you saying that you didn't order the mixed vegetables and they brought them anyways and forced you to pay? If that is what happened then it is unacceptable. However if you ordered them because the waiter insisted then it is your own fault for not being assertive.

                Pret a manger on St Catherine often pulls that BS and I find it very annoying. Ie: the waiter makes unsolicited suggestions and is very pushy -- i assume because I am not chinese. I caved once and was very disappointed with his suggestion - now I know better to send him off and call him over when I am ready.

                1. re: BarackHObama

                  As I said, in other cultures, people don't quibble if they make a rec\comendation and it's not good; so bad you send it back. So "it's your fault" is a part of the culture I am going to have to get used to; as you say, "it is your own fault for not being assertive". The waiter bullied by wife; where I grew up, that's HIS fault. In fact, at Renoir, they once made a dish that we didn't like. They took it back gladly and replaced it. I am sure that at APDC or L'Express, or Laloux, etc. style the same would occur. I don't think "you chose it, so it's your fault" would apply anywhere else. So sorry to disagree with your "it's your fault" cultural sensibility. At "La Chronique", we had a mediocre bottle of wine. The waiter offered to replace it; we didn't take him up as it was too expensive of an item. But for a dish of $10 vegetables to lose two families as clients? Maybe it's "my fault' as you state, but they lost two clients.

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                    That's because on that 10$ dish, they probably make only 2$ profit.... where at APDC, or all the restaurants you mentionned, they bill so high, they can probably afford to have clients send their food back twice. Just saying...

                    1. re: saltnpepperwhat

                      So you seem to be saying I was inappropriate to expect the good service that is common in restaurants around the globe. I guess I will have to get used to this unique culture.

                      I did not send my food back twice. We had previouly dined there for 2 years and not even sent back one dish until now. My wife tried over and over to get them to serve a vegetable dish with "bamboo pith" that we had had before. The waiter insisted it did not exist but then pointed to the "mixed vegetables". She ordered that, and we recieved an Americanized mixed vegetable dish. This is probably the most profitable Chinese restaurant in Montreal. So if you feel I have unjustly criticized them based on an unreasonable standard, perhaps you can go there and generously help them in their plight.

                      So thanks for correcting my bad behaviour salt and pepper; they certainly had every right to be paranoid that if they let me send one dish back, that I might send back many more to come. Did I understand your implication?

                      1. re: foodlovergeneral

                        I don't understand -- if it is the most profitable restaurant in Montreal, people must be going to it and enjoying the food? So their service can't be ALL that bad? I personally have never ordered a dish, decided I didn't like it for its components and sent it back. I'm trying really hard to understand -- if I order a mixed veggie dish and it arrives as mixed veggies (and I looked at the menu) and I didn't like it, I'd be sucking it up, It didn't seem like you asked for a "recommendation", you may have been ordering something off the menu that didn't exist anymore, and the closest thing was what was suggested. After your complaint, they redid it and chucked in the bamboo pith, something they normally don't cook? Just trying to figure it out....

                        1. re: freia

                          Sorry, wrong. It was on the menu as it happens. It was on the Chinese menu in the vegeterrean meal section. Manager and waiter had to be convinced it existed because they didn't know. But I must be bad by Quebec standards. By other standards, they would have instantly said, "sorry sir, how can I help you". As for your statement, "the m;ost profitable restuarant in Montreal" that's not what I said. Their service was never bad prior to this moment. This was enough to make sure I never come back.

                          1. re: foodlovergeneral

                            Ya, I can totally understand how you feel now. Thanks for the info -- it makes no sense, but then, having lived in Montreal as an Albertan, alot of stuff didnt matke sense LOL!
                            Sounds like a new restaurant is definitely in order. :)

            2. The original comment has been removed