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Dec 3, 2011 09:44 AM

Where to find a Turkish teapot in Toronto?

My parents just went to Turkey on vacation and went crazy for the way tea is brewed there. I'd love to get my mom a traditional stacked Turkish teapot for Christmas -- does anyone know where you can buy one in Toronto? It looks like two tea kettles stacked one on top of the other. Thanks!

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  1. Not sure these guys are still afloat but it's worth a shot:

    Tahsin Meat Products Ltd
    755 Queensway E, Mississauga, ON L4Y 4C5

    1. There is a Turkish grocery store on Danforth just west of Donlands, north side-- can't remember the name, possibly Burak? In the back they have lots of Turkish tea cups and I'm almost certain teapots as well. They also have Turkish tea. There is a whole row of Turkish businesses along there -- a coffee shop, a restaurant, Mr Pide, and an olive place.

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        There's another (?) Turkish store called Burak at 3905 Keele, just south of Finch, that I discovered the other day. Pretty sure I saw those there.

        You might also try Marche Istanbul at 3220 Dufferin, in the plaza opposite Grande Cheese on Orfus Rd.

      2. I was just in Teaopia (the chain) and was surprised to see they sell the yerba mate tea cup there along with the you might find the nearest one and try there.....

        1. As Mentioned
          Burak @ 982 Danforth Ave
          In addition
          Ararat Specialty Foods @ 1800 Avenue Rd

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            Thanks, everybody! This is really helpful. Much appreciated.

          2. The original comment has been removed