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Dec 3, 2011 09:43 AM

Keilpasa: Where to buy quality sausage?

Hello people of CH!

Looking for quality polish or hungarian sausage to try some new recipes.

Please help :)

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  1. go to the eastern eurpoean butchers up on St. Laurent. There is a Hungarion one that is especially good, but there is a wide variety.

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    1. re: JPR

      There was at the hungarian church today

      1. re: fredmir

        where and is this still on tomorrow?

    2. Not being too picky but shud read Kielbasa, the prince of Polish Sausage!!! Though our Hungarian friend have a Kolbasz, their attempt to copy the original. You decide......

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      1. re: JohnnyGe

        It was only today the the Hungarian church in Jean Talon

        If you tasted the Kolbasz at the Hungarian Church. We don`t copy anybody Sausage

        1. re: cherylmtl

          +1 for Felix Mish
          Great Kielbasa and other sausuages / meats smoked on the premises.
          Grab a freshly sliced sandwich ($3.50) while you're there, too.
          On Jolicoeur in Ville Emard / Cote St Paul

          Les Aliments Felix Mish
          1903 Rue Jolicoeur, Montreal, QC H4E1X4, CA

          1. re: yellowcake

            +2 for Felix Mish It is the reference for everything that is Polish, Slovenia on Clark is OK as well

        2. Maybe JPR is referring to Fairmont Meats? Its Hungarian and they (Joe & George) do their own sausage. Very good market! 3833 St. Laurent.

          Charcuterie Wayne (1766 Center St.) also does good Kielbasa.

          1. I like:
            Charcuterie Patisserie Warta
            16043 Boul De Pierrefonds
            Pierrefonds, QC H9H 3X6
            (514) 624-6228

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            1. re: JedZ

              +1 JedZ

              Also add La Bernoise on St Charles and Zagreb on Sunnydale just off des Sources, for excellent homemade sausages.