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Dec 3, 2011 09:11 AM

Gravlax? Where to buy the fresh salmon and your best recipe!

Hello! I am invited to an Xmas diner and I have to bring an appetizing fish and I was thinking of making gravlax. Where can I but the fish (either Brooklyn or Manahattan below 14th Street) and what is your best and simplest recipe? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've just bought the salmon at my local fish market; you could try Chelsea Market. I used Julia Child's "quick gravlax" recipe and it worked well. You do need a very sharp knife. Next time I would ask the fish guy to slice it for me.

    1. Folks, please use this thread to help roux42 with places to buy fresh salmon in Brooklyn; recommendations for Manhattan will have to go to the Manhattan board. Recipes and techniques for making gravlax will have to go the Home Cooking board.

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        Relax The Chowhound Team. The poster specifically asked about Brooklyn OR Manhattan below 14th St. We can allow a LITTLE crossover, so that every person with a shopping inquiry doesn't have to cross-post twice. I would think making things easier on the users would be the first priority, rather than making things more convoluted for them. I don't know if The Chowhound Team is from NYC or not, but in many cases it's easier for people to get from where they're starting in Brooklyn to a Manhattan location than it would be for some other intra-borough location. For example: if someone's in South Brooklyn and the recommendation is in North Broooklyn, Queens, or The Bronx, they will undoubtedly have to go into Manhattan on the subway first and then transfer to another subway heading back out - it's actually easier for them to just go somewhere in Manhattan. No need to be so strict on the geographic "rules" (which are inherently flawed, for the reason I just decribed) every time as long as people aren't abusing it.

        And to roux42: could you tell us where you're starting from in Brooklyn? If you're in Bay Ridge, say, there wouldn't be much use in anyone recommending a place in Williamsburg - or vice-versa.

        1. re: sgordon

          100% agree with SG. If it weren't for work, I would rarely be above 14th street.

          But getting back to fish sources in Brooklyn, I suggest Fish Tails in Cobble Hill, Garden of Eden in Bk Hts or Fresh Direct. When I make gravlax, I like to use an at least side of salmon. Makes it easier to cut. You can order an entire salmon or just a side from Fresh Direct.

          Garden of Eden
          180 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

          Fish Tales
          191 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

          1. re: Bkeats

            Hello folks! I live in Prospect Heights and work near Union Square and almost never venture above 14th Street. I emailed Fish Tales and they responded, I will most likely buy my fish from them or now maybe garden of Eden. Thank you everyone for your help!

      2. The very best and most simple recipe is from one by Mark Bittman called the Minimalist's Gravlax on The New York Times Dining wine recipes. I mad itlast night. It took me 10 minutes to prepare. I bought the salmon in Fairway in Douglaston so that doesn't help you. I've made it often and it's always excellent.

        If for some reason you can't find the recipe let me know and I will write it out. It calls for only 4 ingredients including the salmon.

        1. A book called COOKING ONE ON ONE by John Ash (co-authored by me!) has a good explanation of how to do it, with a recipe and variations in case the classic flavoring is not to your taste.