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Dec 3, 2011 07:55 AM

Palm Coast Restaurants??

We will be renting a condo at Cinnamon Beach for 3 months this winter. Any suggestions for good food (no chains) in that area or within 45 minutes would be very much appreciated. Anything from really good dives to upscale...

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  1. I lived in Palm Coast for a year and there are a few good places near by.

    Thai By Thai is a fantastic Thai restaurant in the Publix plaza near Old Kings road. Great food very reasonable prices, they also do take out. Two people I know have them on speed dial. I have since moved to St Augustine but my wife and I take the 40 min drive to go back and eat there.

    The Flagler Fish Company is a great fish market/restaurant. Twice a day they get fresh fish delivered. You pick something from the menu then look up at the board to pick the fish you want them to use. If you try to ask for something fried you will get laughed at. This place is not in Palm Coast instead it is on the beach in Flagler beach. Just across from the pier. Check out their menu.

    Last place I want to tell you about is a upscale place called Blue at the Topaz. This place is also in Flagler Beach and also on the water. My wife (but not that the time) and I found this place by accident. We were staying in the area back in 04, I was planning on proposing. The sun went down we went down to the beach I proposed and after a short walk down the beach we saw this place. We went in and had a fantastic meal I had some sort of seared tuna that was so good we went back the next night and I ordered the EXACT same thing, which was just as good the second time around. Check it out.

    Also be sure to check out St Augustine and St Augustine Beach, there are LOADS of good places to eat there.

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      Thank you so much for your input. It all looks good and we will try places in St Aug too. Never been to the area so hoping for decent food stores as I love to cook. It will be an adventure!

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        surfer e, we may be going to hammock beach for a few days, the same restaurants? any other help would be appreciated. thanks

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          We have been here in cinnamon beach for 6 weeks. Sadly, the restaurant scene is not good.
          Maybe we are spoiled but we are really into good fresh food. Flagler Fish is, for the moot part good. Fish tacos are delicious and the people there are great. Could be a bit cleaner. Went to Blue today for lunch and it was not good. Do not go.
          One place that we liked was Hazards open Pit Barbeque on A1A near St. Aug. Good, fresh,food and the ribs are great. Real nice folks who own it and very clean.
          Atlantic Grill is okay but the food is mediocre... It is convienent. Good place for a drink and " dirty chips".
          Hope this is somewhat helpful.