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Dec 3, 2011 07:35 AM

Has anyone been to the Gnarly Vine in New Rochelle?

There's a Groupon available for the Gnarly Vine in New Rochelle today. Would anyone recommend it? Thanks!

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  1. Just went tonight with my wife. Let me tell you that the Groupon deal was a super bargain. Since it was Wednesday night, it was $36 for 4 plates and 2 glasses of wine. It was more than enough food for the both of us, and all of it was quite good.

    It's a charming wine bar setting with dark-ish lighting. The menu is written up on a big chalkboard in a couple of places. The left half is a list of all the wines being served that night. The right half is the food menu, which is essentially divided into four parts: salads, quesidillas, flat-bread pizzas and miscellaneous (i.e. shrimp cocktail, burger).

    With Groupon, we could pick any two glasses of wine except the Zinfandel (no biggie) and any four plates (except the meat or cheese platters, again no biggie).

    We started with a goat cheese salad with nuts and arugula. Very good.

    Then came the wild mushroom quesidillas -- ditto.

    The two pizzas we were just right and each one could have easily fed two people, so imagine getting two of them! We had the regular mozarella/basil one and the unusual combination of pear slices, nuts, and I forgot what else. Whole the mozarella was good, the one with the fruits and nuts was killer.

    The service was friendly and nothing took too long. You can easily relax and hang with friends. I was pleasantly surprised.

    It is located a few doors down from the Corner Mexican Restaurant.

    One things worth mentioning: I checked in on Foursquare and noticed they had a great deal with American Express -- if you spent $10 you, got you back $10 on your Amex card if you use it to pay your bill. If it wasn't for the Groupon, I definitely would have used that. Don't know how long that deal is in effect.

    In all, I definitely recommend The Gnarly Vine as a laid-back and delicious place to eat.