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Dec 3, 2011 07:10 AM

Detroit dinner Saturday night by art museum

Hi everyone,
We're headed to the D tonight for the Noel Night art festival. We are looking for a great dinner at a place that has vegetarian options but isn't too expensive. Ideas? We love all ethnic foods, but also great Italian and other regular stuff.


(OH, and time's of the essence... need to decide in about five hours.)

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  1. Traffic Jam & Sung, Second and Canfield, always decent veg options, housemade beer, reasonably priced wine, large and handles crowds promptly during special events. That said, there is a crying need for dinner places in the Woodward-Warren area.

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      Really...there are many places I can think of just off the top of my head that are within a few miles of the DIA.

      * Majestic Cafe - fun place with good food and many veggie options. (Within two blocks of the DIA)

      * Atlas Global Bistro - just south of Mack (2 miles maybe from DIA) - Their lunch/dinner options are good but frankly, we have been to brunch twice there and it was terrible both times!

      * Marios - A Detroit institution on Second - very near TJs

      * Union Street - Between Warren and Mack on Woodward - Solid food and veggie options

      * Byblos Cafe & Grill - on Palmer - Traditional Lebanese food loads of veggie options.

      * Good Girls Go To Paris - Awesome crepes - evening hours on the weekend.

      * Woodbridge Pub - Hit or miss food but still worth a trip. Tons of veggie options

      * Cass Cafe - A Wayne State mainstay, decent food, great art and music.

      * Avalon Bakery - Open until 6pm, great for sandwiches and baked goods.

      If you aren't above scarfing food down in your car, Slows to Go is on Cass too.

      I'm not including the Whintey because I think the food is okish but certainly not worth the $$. Although weekend brunch there is reasonable and good!

      If you are willing to go another couple miles in any direction there are countless restaurants. This is just off the top of my head. I know I am forgetting a few spots!