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Dec 3, 2011 05:18 AM

Favorite pork ragu recipe?

Went out to dinner last night at a local Italian place and had a pork ragu with mushrooms over pappardelle and I was instantly in love. It was that good. Italian comfort food at its best! Does anyone have a favorite recipe to share? Thanks!

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  1. Pork cheek makes a good ragu and it's a cheap cut.
    This is a good recipe and the fennel seeds make a good addition.

    1. Lidia Bastianich has a nice Braised Shoulder recipe that uses 4-5 pounds of onions and no tomato. I believe her recipe call for slices of pork when served, but it could easily be adapted to be shredded meat.... or made with the addition of tomato.

      When Country Ribs are on sale, I like to make a nice sauce with them. Neck Bone Gravy can also be very tasty in either a brown or red sauce.

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        am also a big fan of using neck bones and they are crazy cheap. add ribs when on sale.

        i brown them and remove from pan. saute onions and carrots til golden. add a few bay leaves, crushed fennel seeds, red chili flakes and dried thyme and fry for a minute. add some wine or beer and canned tomatoes. add bones back, with a bunch of garlic cloves and simmer. for hours. and hours. when its finished, chill in the fridge overnight. in the morning break off the fat and remove all solids. toss the aromatics and shred the meat off the bones. while doing this, reduce the sauce down to your preferred consistency.

        i make big batches of this, portion out and freeze.

      2. The pork ragu I regularly make is from a restaurant.