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Dec 3, 2011 01:26 AM

Substitute for mascarpone cheese in the Union Square Cafe Polenta recipe?

Sometimes my local grocery store has mascarpone cheese and sometimes they don't. It's winter now and I need to renew my personal relationship with polenta. The recipe below is a winter must have for me:

Any thoughts on a substitute? A good treadmill, lol?

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  1. Unsalted european butter will probably get you pretty close. That's what I would use.

    ETA - there are various recommendations on the web to substitute a mixture of cream cheese, sour cream and heavy cream (ratio by volume 5/3/2 respectively) for mascarpone.

    But there are two problems with this -

    For one, the flavor would actually wind up more aggressive than that of mascarpone

    For another, that's sort of a hassle when you only need 2 tablespoons in the first place.

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      While your recipe would make a tolerable imitation, using any of the ingredients or creme fraiche would work almost as well. l use sour cream as l like the extra zing.

    2. If you're up to it why dont you make it yourself? It is quite easy,but takes 8 hours to make.

      1 qt light cream, heat to 180 F then mix 1 tsp tartaric acid (a salt looking natural substance you can buy from any wine/beer making supply stores), mix and it will curdle. Strain by usinga cheesecloth overnight in fridge and youll have the freshest mascarpone ever.