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Dec 2, 2011 08:51 PM

Any good cheap seafood in Natick area? On the idea of Zalek's or SeaWitch??

Been staying in Natick a lot and stuck for places to get a cheap meal without my Northshore hangouts! Had chicken and salmon at Zaftigs and cost 40$, unlike our 6 buck fish lunches at Sea Witch etc. Any diners or good homey food, fish, greek, american etc? How is the early bird at Dolphin? Agean sounds like it got way expensive.. Has anyone tried the Morse Tavern downtown Natick? We did discover a good cheap eats for lunch and breakfast. In Wayland at the back of JJMcays is a bakery called Beyond Beans. They make decent egg or lunch type sandwiches and baked goods and you can get the food at the bakery counter and bring it to the back fireplaced room at JJ's. Anyways, still looking for lunch and dinner thats fresh, cheap, cozy, not crazy or too crowded..Thanks! Hows Captain Mardens, although it seems a bit far and trafficky to get there...

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  1. I don't usually seek out cheap $eafood, but can vouch that Mardens is very fresh, basic seafood. Dolphin can be good, not very innovative. Minado buffet is good for the price. Sichuan gourmet has some good fish dishes in the mid teens.

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      I would definitely recommend the Earky Bird at the Dolphin.

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        I would highly recommend the early bird at The Dolphin.....not innovative but good fresh fish with many options.

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          has anyone tried culinary delights? Its a russian deli that serves meals. somewhere on the web i saw praises for their 5,99 meals with 2 sides from the deli. Anyone from here tried them? I will also try Dolphin and also want to try the Morse Tavern but would trather not be the first to do it!Also, while in Natick is Black Cows ice cream the best?

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            I have reservations about the Morse Tavern. I think it"s owned by the people who owned it previously as Nick's which I though was mediocre at best. Please post if you do go.
            Where is Culinary Delights? I haven't heard of it. The price certainly sounds right.

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              its on rte 27 behind a laundermat near bldg 19 i read about it at another website

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              I've had sandwiches and bought packaged goods from Culinary Delights. You get a HUGE sandwich for the money and what I've had is really good. The owner is very nice as well. European deli (Baltic?) sells meats, sausages, etc. I love to support businesses like that. Wish I could walk to a place like this.

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            Captain Marden is very good. Paper plates and plastic forks and small tables, but worth the ride. Not too far from the Roche brothers.

          3. You can't be in Natick and not go to Casey's Diner for pepper burgers and dogs "all around". If it wasn't still in business (3rd generation I think) it'd be in a museum.

            Waverly Market in Framingham is another hidden gem. Although they don't have seats their lunch specials and sandwiches are top-notch, old-world, homemade, Italian style goodness.

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              grew up on Caseys! Took my hubby a couple times for the all arounders! I'm a veggie and he usually is except for Caseys and Kellys dogs so all i can eat there is tuna... Will try Waverly Mkt for takeout as my dad loves spag. and meatballs and gets Zitis delivery but its too spicy for him and expensive so i have been wondering about alternative Italian esp for delivery.. Anyone tried Angry Hamms? Still looking for cozy sit down cheap eats.. My mom just tried a bakery/cafe downtown natick on 27 and loved the soup and sammys..

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                Waverly Market often has sandwich specials with fish or scallop.

            2. Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham can do two off-the-menu fish lunch specials, if you ask the management up front. One is the fish filet with basil (spicy, also comes with asparagus), and the other is fish filet with black bean sauce (not spicy, also comes with assorted vegetables including mushroom). The former is one of my favorites. I think there's a shrimp one, too.

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                We finally made it to Dolphin and it was really good! Much better than expected. Comfy booths in a little upscale white linens, fireplace kind of atmosphere. Exc. service...We went for lunch at 4pm with a coupon from their website which made our meals about 9.50 which these days qualifies for cheap seafood. I had salmon, which i tried baked in cracker crumbs, which is usually reserved for haddock types of fish, but it ended up being really good and moist that way. Sides were standard but done well. Swordfish kebab caeser was excellent with large perfectly cooked chunks and nice charred veggies and good dressing in a nice edible bowl. It fit the bill for what i was looking for. Thanks! Especially since the night before we tried O'Connells pub and the fried fish smelled to me so i ended up with a lettuce and tomato sandwich and fries for dinner! Next, try i think may be La Cantina for the 8$ salmon early bird and interesting variety of italian options. Anyone tried it? Guessing that its fairly standard old school italian. but i like that... Got excited when i discovered Oliveiras Brazilian Steak house, but the one in Framingham alas, only has the buffet and meats at one price and no menu offerings. The menu looked great for seafood but those dishes are at the other Oliverias. Couldt see paying 17 for rice beans and plantains.. but will try the Woburn one sometime..