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Dec 2, 2011 08:23 PM

OC Steak House like Peter Lugar

Our annual trip to NY has been canceled and we'll miss our dinner fix at Lugars!

Any one have an OC recommendation for a close second?

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  1. Ahem, Peter Lugers.
    The only thing I can think of would be La Cave.
    For pure quality of meat, Mastros, Flemmings, Ruth's Chris, Mortons.

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    1. re: cls

      I like La Cave, it is cool, retro, has steaks on a cart and red vinyl booths, but it is by no means Peter Luger quality.

      As for the other suggestions, Masto's Flemming's Ruth Cris and Mortons, they are all higher end, but don't get the elicit gush of excitement as a Lugar devotee waxing about the joys of carnivorous dining.

      For me, I would rather buy a nice buffalo rib eye and do it on the Q at home with a great bottle of wine and save $100 bucks.

      Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
      455 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660

      Mastro's Steak House
      633 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

      Morton's the Steakhouse
      1641 W Sunflower Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704

      La Cave Restaurant
      1695 Irvine Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

      Ruth's Chris Steak House
      2961 Michelson Drive, Irvine, CA 92612

      1. re: ocshooter

        I should clarify, I'm not suggesting La Cave is on the same level as Lugers. It does have a feel different than your typical steakhouse as does Lugers.

    2. Noting in O.C. is going to be like Luger's--not that there aren't good steaks to be had behind the Orange Curtain, just that they won't in the least be reminiscent of the Luger Porterhouse, let alone with the option of German Fries. On the other hand, Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, if you are willing to go that far, is a Luger "homage" from a long-time Luger alum. Like a cover band, your appreciation of it versus the original might vary but you will at least be able to hum along with all the tunes.

      Wolfgang's Steakhouse
      445 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

      1. There is nothing in the OC that comes close. You know Peter Lugar opened up in Vegas. Agree with La Cave for the ambience, but for the meat would defer to Flemings, Mortons or Charlie Palmers. I personally not a big Maestro fan.

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        1. re: anotherfatcow

          If Peter Luger opened up in Las Vegas, someone had better tell their webmaster, because nothing is mentioned on their site (or shows up in a search). Do you have any further info, or are you maybe, misinformed?

          1. re: Steve Green

            You're right . Sorry I was thinking Delmonicos. PL was going there but it fell through

        2. Isn't that like asking for a close second to the Grand Canyon in Cincinnati??? ;o))

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            1. re: Midlife

              Come on, I have not been to NY in ages and did not eat at Perter Luger's when I was there, but is it really that far above the top of the line steak places here. Prime aged beef with a brush of butter after cooking.

                1. re: ocshooter

                  It is, indeed, everything it is cracked up to be. Luger's porterhouse is rightly legendary.

                  1. re: ocshooter

                    It's long on atmosphere and legend, they're great at self promotion.
                    The meat is not better than any other top notch steakhouse, the preparation is sometimes iffy because the place gets so busy, the sides might as well not even be on the menu.
                    Still a great place, better than Sparks? I dunno....

                    1. re: cls

                      better convo for a different board, but I've been to them all and would still stand by Luger's in NYC. But that's for the outer boroughs board conversation...

                      Regardless of where you place it in the world-class steakhouse hierarchy, anything remotely like it here in OC would be a wonderful thing.

                2. Michelin Three stars definition: Exceptional cuisine and worth a special journey. Often extremely expensive, and with an extensive wine list.
                  My wife and I have gone to Manhattan at least once a year for last 35 years and on the way back to JFK we stop at Peter Luger's for Porterhouse for 2, 2 pieces of Bacon and we split the all the rest; Tomato and Onions, French Fries and a Holy Cow hot fudge Sundae. We don't get wine, we get Diet Cokes.
                  Every New Years we go to Ruth's Chris in Irvine for the Porterhouse , which is good, but not even close to Peter Luger's.
                  P.S We are going to try Wolfgang's Steakhouse soon

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                  1. re: AMC1210

                    and on the way back to JFK we stop at Peter Luger's
                    Same here. It's the perfect pre-JFK flight meal: snag at noon table, make it in time for the 4-430pm flight back to LAX on Sunday. It also maximizes time allowed for other meals in Manhattan.

                    I go with the steak for two, german fried potatoes, and creamed spinach. I find the steak is far more flavorful and more tender than Spark's, Smith and Wollensky, Cut, Mastro's, Ruth's Chris...

                    Completely disagree with cls' above comment about the prep being iffy at times. The steaks are cut to uniform thickness which makes it easy to consistently fire them to medium rare based on time in a known heated broiler (eliminating variables other steakhouses have to deal with). Have been about a dozen+ times in an 8 year span, last visit 2 years ago. Medium rare always comes out perfectly medium rare be it a Friday or Saturday night or Sunday noon. Plate is sizzling hot so you can warm your medium rare to medium on the plate if you so desire.

                    Only thing that's changed is that the waiters are more friendly these days and they give you a menu when you sit down.