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Dec 2, 2011 08:18 PM

Phyllo crust with a semi-moist filling

As discussed a bit in my previous post about cheese and a tart recipe, I have decided that I want to make this tart:

But- I do not like traditional pie crust.. so I thought about doing the puffy pastry but I dont think its going to work because this filling is going to be too fluid and will spill over the pastry.
So I am leaning towards phyllo, but I am worried that it will go very soggy on the bottom..
Has anyone ever made a pumpkin or squash pie or something with liquid and egg component and used a phyllo crust? Did you blind bake the crust? whats the best method? I have read so many recipes now, some that do prebake, others that dont.. and I am just not sure.

Alternatively, can anyone suggest a different savoury crust that would work in this recipe that isn't the traditional butter/pate brisee crust. Thank you so much!

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  1. I made spanakopita a few weeks ago and the recipe called for a sprinkling of of plain bread crumbs between each layer to help keep the phyllo from becoming soggy. It may help, but your filling is probably much moister.

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      That is good advice..!
      Still not sure about whether or not to pre-bake though. Any other experiences??