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Dec 2, 2011 06:56 PM

Music + drinks in Baton Rouge

I know, it's a ways from NOLA,
but I'm stuck in Baton Rouge for a week-
any good places to hang for a stiff drink and maybe some music?
feel free to include the hipsterist of the hipster
and the honkeyist of the honkey tonks.
I take a Bud as well as a stiff martini with a twist.

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  1. Several places in the downtown area have live music, including Spanish Moon on Highland Road. Cadillac Cafe on Bluebonnet is popular. I'd be a bit circumspect if you're traveling by yourself. Pick up a copy of Friday's newspaper and check the Fun section. Also get a copy of 225 Magazine if you can find one.

    1. Duvic's, known for martinis, and Chelsea's, known for cheap uncomplicated drinks and live music, are basically across the street from each other under the I-10 near Perkins Road. Chelsea's was a regular hangout of mine lo these many years ago when I was in school (it used to be within stumbling distance of campus but has since moved), however it's several degrees above the true college bars in Tiger Town in terms of clientele and atmosphere.

      The Chimes is always great for their extensive domestic and international beer selection, and the Varsity Theater next door has music many nights, check the website.

      +1 Spanish Moon, as long as you avoid the 80s night (unless that's your thing!).

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        Of course, just about anywhere in BR will be rocking this aftenoon. Something about a sporting event somewhere. I like the martinis at DiGuilio's, esp when made by Mike or CLint. And Marcello's Wine shop has a restaurant with a pleasant but all-hard surface-bar where good martinis flow. Only open for lunch on Friday but there is a Sunday brunch that I have enjoyed a few times.

        Can't help as to music inasmuch as I don't care to have teh natives whipped up further.

      2. Thanks ya'll,
        made it to Red Star + Spanish Moon,
        I'll have to come back to try all these :)
        geaux tigers!

        1. Boutin's for live Cajun music and some pretty decent food.