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Dec 2, 2011 06:33 PM

What color chargers are most versatile?

I want to buy some under-dinner plate chargers to dress up a table. Red, gold, and silver seem to be popular colors. Of course it depends on one's decor, but I was wondering which color most people think would be most versatile and attractive in an otherwise neutral table setting, for all kinds of foods?

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  1. For me, silver works best. It compliments my everyday and fine china. I also have some medium dark rattan (or something like it) ones that work great and wood work with many colors and themes. I love tablescapes.

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    1. re: MissusLisa

      Was just looking at pictures and I think you're right about silver because it coordinates with the silverware and is the most neutral, compared to gold or red or other colors. Plus I have silver rimmed plates.

      1. re: stratford

        I have silver, gold, red, green, purple, and cognac (those are leather). For a general charger - I'd go with silver.

    2. Plain white is the most universal, of the simplest design.

      You can then add any color with your tablecloth and other tableware.

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      1. re: GH1618

        Thanks, but with my white plates, I think that would just look a little plain, like a dinner plate sitting on another dinner plate. Might be good with other types of china though.

        1. re: stratford

          What dinnerware and flatware do you have? Can you provide a link?

        2. re: GH1618

          I was going to recommend white as well - it is the "most versatile" which is what you asked. I like the look of white on white as well.

          If you're against that look, then I would go silver (which is essentially shiny white haha).