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What is you best Iron Chef episode

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What is you best Iron Chef episode, for me it was the chuck Vs flay battle lobster. The reason why is the food was some what simple and not fancy like other episode.

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  1. i think i would have to say battle parmesan...

    but i also really enjoy battled cauliflower and battle lemons.

    My favorite challengers to watch have been by far Jose Garces and Wylie Dufrense.

    Related question:
    Anyone know if there is a place to watch ICA episodes online?

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      Almost all the ICA episodes are up on youtube. My favorite episodes were battle Cobia with the crazy sous chef and battle chilis with Morimoto. I also liked the show Best Moments of Iron Chef America (also on youtube)

    2. Battle Tuna - Takashi Mera up against Michiba. Knife skills abound.