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Dec 2, 2011 05:22 PM

Sit By A Fire With Friends? Special Bar/Restaurant Happenings for Christmas?

Looking for a Restaurant, Bar or Lounge where a group of maybe 5-6 couples (10 people) can sit by a fire and get together before Christmas. Preferably no clubs or anything really loud; we'd like to be able to talk together. This will be the first time we'll be all together in a year. Also, are there any places with anything happening for the Holiday Season? Anywhere we can get Christmas Drinks? Once, we sat around the big tree at the Ritz but would rather not do that again. Center City or the immediate suburbs would be the best location. We've thought about Iron Hill in North Wales and Frankford Hall in Fishtown, but does anybody know if they have a fireplace? Thank you in advanced for your suggestions.

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  1. If southern Chester County isn't too far out of the way, Foxfire at the Stone Barn, just outside Kennett Square may be just what you're looking for. There's a magnificent stone fireplace in the main dining room that is especially beautiful this time of year. We've been there many times and love it best in winter when the fire is roaring. There's a bench and low table right in front of the fire where you can have drinks before you sit down to dinner, (it's BYO, by the way) or relax in between courses, or even have your dessert there. I think it's a feature that's unique to this restaurant. Oh, and the food is quite good and reasonably priced.

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      Thanks, for a Friday night, it might be too far for everybody but I'll keep it in mind for a double date with my Malvern friends. The fact that it has the fireplace and it is BYOB sounds great!

    2. Here's a list of bars and restaurants with fireplaces in Center Center and surrounding neighborhoods. It's from last winter--James has since closed--,but might give you some ideas.

      1. Haven't been in a couple of years but in the past The Plough And The Stars on 2nd and Chestnut had a huge beautiful tree, a roaring fireplace, excellent drinks and a nice comfortable atmosphere. All the attributes your looking for.

        Plus, its a great location if your looking to eat in a place in Old City.

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          We've been to The Plough before and they can get very noisy! Love the stripped bass there though! Will have to talk my husband into a date night there. Wish I could find a place like that in Manhattan.

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            Anybody know if you can actually sit by the fire at Mad River in Manayunk?

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              Mad River in Old City has a fireplace too, but I suggest avoiding both--not exactly good spots for quiet get-togethers.

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                Definitely avoid for your get together. However if you're 22 and are looking to get blasted drunk off Jager and Miller Lite, by all mean knock your socks off!

            2. re: tom246

              I don't think I'd suggest Plough and the Stars for conversation on a Friday night. It's more of a club at that point.

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                How about the pub at the Joseph Ambler Inn? bar menu, and a large slate fireplace. You could then retire to the restaurant if you want a full meal.

            3. I love the fireplace in the lounge area at XIX at the Bellevue, although may be tight for 10 people. For more casual (really more casual), McGillins is an option if you're meeting fairly early, say just after work. For someplace in between, Dandelion is a great space and they have decent options for nibbling.

              1. You mentioned having friends in Malvern. While Kennett may be too far for your group, how about in Malvern itself? The tavern in the General Warren Inn might fit the bill. Or a bit more hip would be Fenix, a martini bar with a sleek fireplace in Phoenixville. Sounds like you'll have fun no matter where you end up going. Enjoy!

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                  I didn't think of the Malvern Inn, haven't been there since friends were married there. Good Idea and I'll check out the Fenix. Thanks for all the help; I appreciate it. We all decided to go to the Joseph Ambler Inn. Will write me review afterwards. Happy Holidays!