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Dec 2, 2011 05:03 PM

Highly suggest avoiding Weinberg's Deli

What can I say about this Deli? It's not an authentic Jewish deli from NY. Sure it serves a couple of 'Jewish' dishes but can you really honestly call that a Jewish deli? Tonight was a bad night to head to the deli. The one server working the floor was working as hard as she could to please everyone. My family and I have no problems with the service from the waitress. It came from the kitchen. It took over 35 minutes for my family members to receive their cold sandwiches after I told them to bring it out. What was supposed to be cooked the cabbage rolls was not done properly. The cabbage was room temperature and the meat inside was passable as warm. For me, I ordered a reuben style hamburger that took 45 minutes to be served to me. Really? I got into an argument with the owner, a small stout man that does not seem to care for customer satisfaction. The argument was over the burger itself. He stated that the burger takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook and get up to 155 degrees by state law. I find this amusing as other cooked to order establishments will cook my ground beef burger to any wellness from medium to well done. But this is not really my issue. My issue is the fact that a 15/20 minute burger was served 45 minutes after being ordered, and my family 35 minutes after their order. This place needs a management change and soon to survive. Customer satisfaction is not job #1 for them and they seemed to have cared less about how long it took to get anyone their order.

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  1. New restaurants are easily overwhelmed by large crowds on the weekends. I avoid new restaurants in busy times. If I do violate this guideline, I try to be patient with them.

    By the way, the owner is right about the 155 temperature of ground beef. That's the law. Some restaurants don't follow it. I don't agree with a well done burger, but it's the law.

    Regardless of your experience, I look forward to trying Weinberg Deli on a future visit to my former stomping ground. Until then, I'll have to satisfy my needs at The Pig.

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    1. re: Tom from Raleigh

      It wasn't crowded, and they only had one server for the whole place on a Friday night. I can't quite forgive that. I do understand its the law, I did look it up. However there are loopholes and the fact that the owner then claimed that all other restaurants need to be shut down because of it was totally uncalled for. If you go I hope you have a better experience than I did.

      1. re: raleighfood

        Unless the law has changed, there aren't loopholes for serving ground beef less than 155 degrees in NC. Restaurants that serve hamburgers at lower temps are violating state health regulations. It's a calculated risk, but it isn't fair to hold it against a restaurant that doesn't want to take that risk, especially in their first weeks of operation.

        1. re: raleighfood

          I plan on giving them a few more weeks to get the kinks out.

          As for being a "Jewish" deli, did your ruben come with cheese? If it didn't would you be complaining about that?

        2. re: Tom from Raleigh

          Yeah, but if he did indeed say it takes 15-20 minutes for a burger to get to 155 that's utter nonsense, it shouldn't take more than 8-10 minutes tops.

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          1. I was just thinking that we really need one more thread about this place.

            1. I've been very disappointed by people's rush to judgement.

              Weinberg's has *never* claimed to be a NY Jewish deli.

              It's never even claimed to be Jewish style. It can't do that.

              That's because it's neither kosher nor are the owners from NY.

              So stop kvetching about that.

              Sure, they were short staffed at first, but there's now a great bunch of attentive servers.

              There's deli mustard in little pots on the tables. It was always available. All you had to do was ask for it in the earlier days when those pots had not yet arrived.

              I can't comment on the burger debacle because I've never ordered one there.

              My visits have always been for chopped liver and pastrami which have been yummy.

              I asked about kishke, learned that it was coming in and got some when it was


              I did the same with sour pickled tomatoes and have been enjoying them each

              time I've been there as they're put out on the table. In fact, I've got a few in my
              fridge as I write this.

              I've also taken home lots of rugelach. It's the real deal!

              Wine improves with time. So has Weinberg's.

              1. The original comment has been removed